It’s amazing to me the kind of shift a person’s world can experience in a week.  A day.  An hour.

This time last week I was going about my life, pretty pleased with how things were moving.  Querying my book is a long process full of waiting and no’s, but I expected that, and was finding it surprisingly easy to be patient and persistent.  Planning for the school year has been a breeze, and I was getting excited about the prospect of broadening the minds of my kiddos again.  And advocating for Annabell was trucking along.  People were spreading the word about her and special needs orphans like her, and her adoption grant fund was growing.

And then on Friday, Annabell disappeared.  And my world stopped.

For those of you here who don’t follow my family’s blog, Annabell is an orphan we’re advocating for.  She lives in a country whose laws regarding adoption are changing, and she has fallen through the cracks during this time of upheaval.  There is hope that the situation in her country will be settled soon, and that she’ll re-emerge adoptable.  It’s just so incredibly difficult to trust God’s timing and wait until that day comes.

Sweet Annabell has stolen my heart.  She’s stolen my husband’s heart, and my children’s hearts.  And every time since last Friday I’ve looked at this blog, I just haven’t had the gumption to write.  Not about writing, or my journey in writing, or silly writing.  The heartache over losing our sweet Annabell is just overwhelming.

Please join me in praying for this sweet girl.  Pray that things change in her country.  Pray that she is well cared for in the meantime, and loved.  Pray for her little brother, and for all the forgotten orphans of our world.

We live in a broken, shattered world, folks.  Imagine if each of us opened our eyes, and reached out just a little, the difference we could make.

If you want to learn more about Annabell, go here, here, or here.


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