MMM: Punch Brothers

I’m a sucker for acoustic music.

Much to the hubsters chagrin, I’m also a sucker for bluegrass.

Punch Brothers play bluegrass, but bluegrass with a kick in the pants.  Some of what they do is uber-bluegrassy.  Some of what they do bears only a small resemblance to the genre.  But everything they do, they do so, so well.

I<3 Punch Brothers.  They play good music.  And what do we say about good music, friendlies?  Share it!

The first video is what hooked me.  I hope it will hook you!  It’s just a taste of the second movement of The Blind Leaving the Blind from their first album, Punch.  The music is haunting, and it’s stuck with me from day one.  The second video is from their second album, Antifogmatic, released last year.  The song is Alex, and is a little more lighthearted than the first.  The third is Rye Whiskey, another song from their second album.  The bluegrass in ’em really shines here.

Have a look, give ’em a listen, and if you like what you see/hear, do something about it!  Buy their albums (the second is available on vinyl – yummy!), go see them in concert, tell your friends.  Support the arts and the artists you love!


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