Quick Giggle: Shopping for Idiots

Four words:

Ron Paul Workout Video



(p.s.  Big thanks to Shelly Stout for pointing me in the direction of this vid!)

22 thoughts on “Quick Giggle: Shopping for Idiots

  1. themidnightnovelist says:

    I’m not going to lie, I had a really hard time watching this video without covering my eyes and shaking my head. I was torn between utter, astonished embarrassment, and hilarity. Those poor, poor employees. That woman has the patience of a Saint. (That and she was pretty much telling him to go anywhere that sounded remotely correct.) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shannon Esposito says:

    OMG…halarious! I love how she sent him to the sporting goods section for the oil painting of storming Normandy! *snort* how fun, Thanks!

  3. timlobrien says:

    This is an instant classic! You have to commend these two guys for the imaginative things on those lists. This is the funniest prank I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing it with us Myndi!

  4. Jessica O'Neal says:

    Bahahahahaha! This was amazing! OMG! I made the mistake of plugging in my headphones and watching this while my husband is still asleep…trying to make it through without laughing out loud was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

  5. Lynn Kelley says:

    OMG, this is too darn funny. Boy, I sure love a good prank. This is really good! I come from a family of jokers, and I think this would be a gas to play a game where we each have to write a list of maybe five things, like these guys did, then read them all and either vote on which one is the funniest or most random, or try to guess who wrote the list. Either one might be a blast!

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