ROW80: Check-In, Week 2

Puppy hiding under desk. I want to join him. Thanks, Google images, for the pic.

It was one of those weeks.

Somehow I managed to meet my goals – writing for at least 30 minutes every day, being prepared for that writing, getting in physical activity, doing something good for myself, reading a little every day.  I got it all in, but I felt like I was clawing my way into it the whole time.  The triumphant feeling I had last week has deflated into something resembling a canned-pea-green deflated balloon.  Ain’t pretty.

Sometimes things come easy, other times…not so much.

I’m not sure this coming week’s going to be any easier.  We’re having curriculum issues for my boys’ homeschooling…and it’s taking its toll on me.  With a new little one coming in a couple months, and a sweet three year-old girl vying for my attention, we’re having to make some adjustments.  We haven’t found our stride yet this semester.  Not even close.

Educating your kids at home is a huge undertaking.  One I’m glad to do, because I see the fruit of it on a daily basis.  I don’t think it’s right for everybody – not by any stretch.  I’m not sure it’s always going to be the right choice for us.  And I’m becoming increasingly aware of how thin I’m stretched these days.  An infant is going to stretch me even further.

Not sure where we’re going to land.  And that’s pretty stressful.

Sorry for the disjointed post.  Frayed doesn’t begin to describe how I’m feeling, and it’s making it hard to focus on any one thing for long.

Which probably means I’m completely nuts to add another goal to my ROW80 list, but I really like this one, and I think it’s doable, and I think it will help me feel better…hopefully.

The hubster and I are wanting to steer our nutritional habits in a more healthy direction.  These kinds of changes can be a little intimidating, but we’re taking it in baby steps, changing one thing at a time.  For the next thirty-odd days, we’re changing the way we eat breakfast – no refined, processed foods.  Hopefully in a month a few bad habits will be replaced with new, healthy ones, and we’ll be ready to add another baby step in the direction of more wholesome, healthy eating.

Also, I’m finding that my five minutes of activity just isn’t enough – my body wants to keep going, so I think I’ll go ahead and give it what it wants.  I’m gonna tweak this goal a little.  Instead of 5 minutes every single day, I’m going to aim for 10 minutes (still going with the test-mile theory here – 10 min. may be far less than what I want to do that day, but on the days when I’m blech, at least I’ll get those 10 min. in) five days a week (instead of seven).

I hope my other ROW80 friends have had a wonderful, lovely week!!  Wishing you all lots of happy, happy ROW-ing!


21 thoughts on “ROW80: Check-In, Week 2

  1. prudencemacleod says:

    Hi Myndi, I have to admire you and your drive. I believe homeschooling will prove to be the superior system over the long haul. The hard part is getting a bit of time for yourself. Your exercise goals are sensible, baby steps, but as a personal trainer of many years, I offer you this. The more mild exercise you can get in the more energy you will have. Sounds weird, but it works. I also find that on my walks is when I get the best writing ideas.
    I wish you success in all your endeavors, Little Momma, just remember to take care of yourself too.

  2. Gene Lempp says:

    Some weeks are indeed more difficult than others but you have absolutely the right attitude to make it through. Perseverance pays dividends. Sensible move on the exercise goal and the diet adjustment. I wish you and your hubs all the best on this, it will make a world of difference.

    Have an excellent week, Myndi 🙂

  3. gingercalem says:

    You soldiered on even when you felt blech. That takes dedication. As Prudence said, exercise will actually give you energy and put you in a better mindset. 🙂 I love that you’re incorporating healthier eating into your goals. Your body is your vehicle to get through every day and activity you ask of it, physical or mental. The higher quality the ‘fuel’, the better it will run. Cutting back on the processed foods is HUGE. Also, make sure you’re giving yourself some healthy fats because they are a far better source (longer burning) of energy than a faster burning carb. HUGS!

  4. Molly Pendlebury says:

    {{{hugs}}} Myndi!!! You’re a trooper and doing an amazing job marching on!! Great job on listening to your body and striving to do give it what it needs. All of your baby step will most certainly amount to huge strides. Well Done Myndi!!!

  5. Scarlett says:

    Dear Myndi,

    I am enjoying your *Blogging Barefoot* immensely. I cannot tell you how many times I have laughed, effortlessly, while reading! Your talent for writing jumps off of the page and grabs me, often times by the heart, sometimes by the neck! Good medicine.

    I opened my email to this post first thing this Sunday morning and knew I must reply. Coincidentally, I dreamed I was pregnant with twin girls last night. Woke up waiting to feel them moving their little feet. Huh. Our last child, number three, arrived some thirteen years ago at the young age of thirty.

    I’m forty-three now (had to do the math) and have trudged through much stress over these very same worries you’re describing. It practically made me cry thinking about your wonderful pregnant self worrying over the details of Life. I say, practically, only because from this end of the spectrum I now see how, sometimes necessary it is to recharge our priorities and our day to day wish lists. Life is in the journey ~ the sometimes crappy, most often frightening journey!

    When we listen to our bodies (preggers, or otherwise), our gut instincts… and our dreams, Change is good! It is what helps us grow. Even though we often times participate by kicking and screaming and clawing the entire way.

    So, I’m guessing you’re not needing a pep talk from someone you don’t know. One great perk of blogging is mulling over the details of our lives out in the open. It keeps us honest. It helps us formulate our next big plan of attack on this big, bad world. Just don’t forget how Awesome YOU are!

    Love! And mucho respect!

  6. Elen Grey says:

    Love the pic you put up. You know that dog is singing “Rescue Me” (Fontella Bass). I can hear him over the intertoobs. Congrats on taking baby steps with your healthy breakfast changes. Small, steady goals are a good way to go. Good luck!

  7. Fabio Bueno says:

    Myndi, this was a rough week, but you didn’t despair; instead, you re-evaluated your priorities. I admire your remarkable attitude. Your decision to eat a bit healthier and increase exercise time will probably make you feel more energized. And make the upcoming weeks easier.
    You’ve been doing well so far, even with your busy life. This is no small feat! Please count on our support!

  8. Angela Orlowski-Peart says:

    Wow, on top of writing, blogging, running a household, taking care of your toddler, and surviving the pregnancy, you are also homeschooling your kids? You are my hero, Myndi! I have so much respect for women who “do it all” and push themselves to achieve even more. Big hug to you!

    Great idea with switching to a healthy breakfast. I suggest an organic old fashion oatmeal (steel-cut type) with raisins, cinammon, apples and a bit of organic brown sugar 🙂 Plus a small glass of not-from-concentrate orange juice.

  9. Debra Kristi says:

    You deserve a break! You are taking on a tough load there girlfriend. I don’t know how you get the kids to sit still and work for you. Our supposed 20 minute homework sessions turn into hours because my kids won’t listen or stay in their seats. But sometimes you just got to do what you got to do. Family comes first. Hang in there girl.

  10. Gina says:

    Myn, from the looks of the replies above, you are 110% supported by all around you, including me! What you juggle in a day is mind-boggling to most people and you take it all in stride, all while being honest with your struggles and successes! Thank God for a new day each day, huh? I know you will accomplish what you set out to do. Take it one day at a time, friend. It will be fun to look back on this post a month from now, heck, even a week from now, to see all that was accomplished. Rock on my awesome friend and have a fun week!

  11. Ali Dent says:

    “Frayed doesn’t begin to describe how I’m feeling, and it’s making it hard to focus on any one thing for long.”

    I hear you, my friend. I’ve felt this way many times. I know it’s difficult, but hang in there. It will pass. Sticking it out is actually what makes us strong. We need the hard times to strengthen us. Check back in Wednesday and let us hear how things are going.

  12. Jenny Hansen says:

    Myndi, I’m with Angela…I did not know you homeschooled. That is on the table for us if the California education system is as bad as we fear. But it scares me down to the bone, I’ll tell you.

    With a baby coming, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a break here and there. Unless you post ahead, you’re going to have a few weeks where you can’t do a ton of blogging, etc. anyway. Please reach out to the rest of us and let us know if you need guest blogs too. You know your tribes with support you. 🙂

  13. Natalie Hartford says:

    I can’t imagine how you are feeling juggling everything you have on your plate. Take a deep breath…you are doing amazing! Some weeks you hit and it feels great. Other weeks you hit and it feels like you got mugged as you managed. Some weeks you don’t hit at all and couldn’t care less. LOL! I think it’s an up and down roller coaster and when you add in the family stress – wowzers. It’s a lot! Take some time for you! Know that we were here to help and like Jenny said…lean on us!!! We want to support however we can…you doing amazing!!! Give yourself a little pat on the back and smile…here’s to this week feeling a bit easier…HUGS!!

  14. Gina says:

    i love your month long commitment to cutting out unprocessed foods at breakfast. at work i typically eat almonds and fruit (i’m a bird in the morning) – but i fall off the healthy bandwagon as the day progresses, and usually sneak cheetos in there somewhere.

    best of luck writing and homeschooling this week!

  15. Liz Rutschman says:

    Myndi….giving you internet hugs right now. I’m very sorry you’re feeling stressed. You DO have a lot on your plate right now.

    But as it has in the past….everything will turn out fine. You have a wonderful husband, and your kids are incredibly special. Per our discussion the other day….in today’s society, we’re trained to believe we can have it all….all at once! Sometimes, it’s just not possible. Give yourself breaks whenever you can.

  16. Pat O'Dea Rosen says:

    None of us will criticize you if you hide under the desk. Alas, you may not fit. Pregnancy takes away the best hiding places–which brings us to the number one reason you must take care of yourself. You can’t hide and pregnant women run funny. By the way, I get that homeschooling is a huge undertaking and a full-time job in itself.

    If you decide to follow Angela’s advice about the steel-cut oatmeat, try preparing it in a crock pot. For two servings, use 3/4 cup steel cut oatmeal to three cups water. (Throw in dried cranberries and raisins, if you have them. )Switch your crockpot to low before you go to bed, and breakfast will be waiting in the morning.

  17. Lena Corazon says:

    Myndi, you are such an inspiration. Hang in there — sometimes it takes a little longer for us to find the right groove, especially with so many changes in the air. Take it one day at a time, my dear!

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