Napping, Fried Chicken, and Pedicures: Arguing w/ Self

This post is utterly uninspired.

Let me tell you what I’d rather be doing right now:


Eating fried chicken.  The extra-crispy kind from KFC that’s guaranteed to take minutes, if not hours, off your life with every bite.

Getting a pedicure.

Better yet, eating fried chicken while getting a pedicure, followed up by a very lovely nap.

I’ve promised myself that if I can knock out at least one blog post today, I’ll give myself that nap.

“What about the fried chicken?” I argue back with myself.

“No fried chicken,” I firmly reply.  “You’ll eat it and then just feel gross.  You don’t really want it.”

“Yes, I do,” I say obstinately.

“No, you don’t,” I insist.  “Look, do you want a nap or not?”

Pouting.  “Yes.”

“Then you need to write a blog post.”

“If I write a blog post can I get a pedicure AND a nap?”

“Not today.  Today, just a nap.”

“What if I write a REALLY GOOD blog post?”

“Nope.  No pedicure.  Just a nap.”

Crosses arms in front of chest, scowls at the wall.  “Fine.  I’ll write a blog post.  But it’s not going to be good.”

Impatiently.  “Just write the damn post.”

There you have it, folks.  My inner dialogue…with myself.  Or should I call it monologue, since it’s only me, talking(arguing) to(with) me?

And maybe that’s cause for concern, the fact that I can carry on entire arguments with myself…

You know what?  I’m not gonna worry about that right now.  This blog post is finished, and I’m off to score a nap.


30 thoughts on “Napping, Fried Chicken, and Pedicures: Arguing w/ Self

  1. Emma Burcart says:

    Um, I don’t understand why you can’t have all three?! I think a pedicure, followed by fried chicken would be delicious when you wake up from your nap! I’m not concerned that you fight with youself. We all do that. I’m just sad that you didn’t win!

  2. Jennifer L. Oliver says:

    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one with a rebellious inner voice! LOL
    However, I would recommend the pedicure. I remember when I was pregnant and in my third trimester, I loved getting pedicures. It just made me feel so much better – at least until the next wave of morning sickness hit! 🙂
    Glad you got your nap. Those are important too!

  3. gingercalem says:

    I’m so doing a blog like this next time I’m having a similar argument with myself. 🙂 You’re allowed a nap and you’re allowed the pedicure. I personally discourage the fried chicken. haha!

    • Myndi stray sock away from insanity. says:

      LOL, Ginger! The fried chicken thing is a total craving whenever I’ve not been eating frequently enough. THANKFULLY I haven’t caved yet, and the hubster’s getting irritated with the fact that I’m forgetting to eat regularly, so I think I’m going to have to get better about it. Also, he despises fried chicken, and I can’t bring myself to go through the KFC drive through (such a gross place!!), so don’t worry. If I eat any chicken, it will be baked or grilled. 🙂

      ps, I can’t wait to hear your inner arguments…

  4. Pat O'Dea Rosen says:

    If Kristen Lamb promised her current blogging class a nap, fried chicken, or pedicure in return for finishing a post, they’d turn into writing fools. Hoo! I’m giving myself a yet-to-be-determined treat after I write Wednesday’s post. Thanks for the idea, Myndi!

    Rest up, sweet girl. You’re growing a person.

  5. coleen patrick says:

    So funny. Love the ‘fine, but it’s not going to be good’ part. That’s how I feel every Sunday night when I argue with myself about whether or not I should post on Monday morning.
    Great to unite in inner dialogue solidarity!

  6. Tameri Etherton says:

    Love it! I totally do that too, have arguments with myself. Occasionally I even win.

    Hope you had a lovely nap and your inner self is right – you don’t need that fried chicken. It’s gross. (oh geez, now I totally want fried chicken!). No I don’t. Yes, I do. Uh-oh.

  7. Sherry Isaac says:

    Clearly, we understand your inner dialogue, Mindy. And agree with it.

    I finished my first priority today, so I’m taking a nap, too. If you see me in dreamland, shhh. I’m plotting as I dream.

  8. Julie Catherine says:

    LOL, Myndi, I so want KFC now! But I know I can’t have it … so I think I’ll go take a lovely nap myself. Loved this post, and as you can see, you and your inner critic have a lot of company – myself included. ~ Julie 🙂

  9. Julie Farrar says:

    Oh, no. Now I’m craving homemade fried chicken — the best food in the world, ambrosia for the gods. Maybe if I write a week’s worth of posts in one day I’ll deserve some.

    • Myndi stray sock away from insanity. says:

      Ha! Unfortunately, if I stick Self in a closet, Hulk-Like-Hormonal-Preggo-Lady takes over, and before long, the kids are wandering the neighborhood in filthy rags, the hubster can’t make his way past the pile of dirty dishes into the house, and the dog is scavenging for food in the neighbor’s yard. 🙂 Sometimes Self is as mean as a badger, but she serves her purpose. 🙂 And don’t worry – I FULLY expect to score that pedicure this week!

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