Perfect Valentine’s Day Movie: SPOONER

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, which makes it the perfect time to tell you about one of my all-time favorite fall-in-love movies, SPOONER.  Oh my goodness, you guys.  I don’t often post about movies or books because I tend to either get tongue-tied or long-winded when trying to talk about them.  But I am just so in love with this movie, with this story, that I want for you to be, too!  🙂  Here, watch the trailer:

It’s such a sweet story about a seriously socially awkward guy with a heart of gold trying to win the girl of his dreams.  I honestly cringed through much of it – not because the plot or acting was bad, but because Matthew Lillard was so believable in his awkwardness that I was having actual physical reactions to it.  But I think the thing I love most about this movie is that it’s never over-done in any way.  The storytelling is so simple, the climax so subtle, and the triumph in the end so perfect that it kept me thinking about it for days after.

I love it when books/movies/music do that – when the story being told sticks with you.

Lucky for you, Spooner is available on Netflix instantly.  If you haven’t seen it, go watch it, now.  If you have, go watch it again!


16 thoughts on “Perfect Valentine’s Day Movie: SPOONER

  1. Tameri Etherton says:

    Hmmm, socially awkward guy fights for the girl of his dreams? Sounds like a movie after my own heart. I’ll have to see if Netflix streams it and have the whole family watch it tonight. Thanks Myndi!

  2. alicamckennajohnson says:

    It looks so sweet. I cringe from socially awkward things too, I had a hard time watching Mad about you and Sienfield because I had to cover my face half the time when they were doing something painfully embarrassing.

  3. V-day Lover says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m trying to pick some romantic comedies for my boyfriend and me to watch tonight. We’re both at work but thanks to a coworker of mine at DISH, I’ll be using DISH Online to search the guide for the movies I’m looking for and set timers for them to record. I wouldn’t have known about it if she hadn’t told me so I’m pretty happy about it. I can even order pay-per-views; by the time I get home we’ll have a bunch of movies recorded on the DVR just waiting for us to push play. I’ll be adding Spooner to the list; I have a soft spot for socially-awkward, dorky protagonists.

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