GUEST POST: Kylie Bollwitt

"Fashion is nothing but clothing and accessories until you place meaning to them. It is then that fashion will take its true form..."

I am so blessed and humbled and thrilled to have more than a handful of super-talented people willing to guest-post on my blog while we prepare for/adjust to life with our new little bundle of joy!  This week I’m super-stoked to introduce you to Kylie Bollwitt.  Kylie is a personal stylist from Omaha, Nebraska, with a heart of gold…as you’ll see in her post.  Today she’s talking about a recent project that was very dear to her.  Take it away, Kylie!


I have always had a love for fashion, but it was not until circustances that were presented this year that I truely found my passion for fashion.

A photographer and personal friend of mine was running a promotion on her Facebook page for a free session with her, all you had to do was write to her and tell her why you thought you deserved it. I saw her promo and instantly asked her if she wanted to incorporate my personal styling services into the package deal. I could help the winner choose their outfits as well as help style and pose them the day of the shoot. She WENT for it, so we RAN with it! Entries were coming in like crazy, but in the end we both felt emotionally connected to the same person’s response as to why they deserved a free photo shoot with a personal stylist.

Us with our GORGEOUS contest winner.

A mother had sent into the contest on behalf of her 14 year old daughter. This mother cared nothing of herself, only her daughter and trying to uplift her and make her feel beautiful. You see, her daughter was being bullied in school. She didn’t feel beautiful and was going through a dark stage of depression. She was carrying all of this extra weight on her shoulders from those hurtful words and gestures her peers would say and do to her as if that was what she was expected to do. I dont know about you, but that cut deep down in my soul. I hurt for her and so badly wanted to just run to her and comfort her; to tell her that I have been there and to hold on because she is so much more than what her peers want to think of her. My photographer friend and I didnt even hesitate; we both knew this young lady was our contest winner.

So as I’m in my room thinking about how we can possibly make this work… 2 college students, starving artists’ budgets already giving away services and materials for free… Thats when it hit me! We can take care of their hotel room cost from the help of my photographers mothers discount at a hotel in the city, can you say meant to be? I decided I wanted to take her shopping and help her pick out an outfit that I would then buy for her. Not only that, but I wanted to get a hair and makeup artist that would be willing to help us make this young lady feel strikingly beautiful.

The weekend quickly approached and eagerness and anxiousness quickly set in! Is she going to like me? Will I be able to help her break out of her shell? Will she hate every outfit I put her in? When we first met each other at the mall, it took everything I had to not bust into tears (in our family we claim to have a crying disease). I was overwhelmed with joy and instantly embraced all of them. Just as I had suspected she was very shy and reserved and it took a lot of me being a complete dork to get her to open up even the tiniest bit to me. After 3 stores of looking and trying we found some great pieces that she loved!

At the studio, we instantly started getting the young lady into photoshoot mode. She got her hair and makeup done by a professional and LOVED IT.  Then it was time to get into her new outfits and start rapid-fire picture taking. It was wonderful to finally see her open up and begin to break out of her shell. She looked stunning, we all had a blast and I really hope to have made a difference in her life. I hope that she can see that there is more to this life then bullies, that there are people who care about her… people who didn’t even know her until this promotion. I hope that she can be inspired by this expeirence and in turn inspire others with the amount of strength and integrity she posesses.

It’s not just those that are being bullied that struggle with self-worth and confidence within themselves… that happens to everyone at some point in life. Sometimes its hard when we hear people say things about us that arent true and present a negative outlook on our personality, ego, morals, and intergrity; but the only opinion that matters and that we should concern ourselves with, is God’s. I know all too well it’s easier said then done in that circumstance, but this adventure has proved to me time and time again to trust in God and everything else will fall into place.


For more information on Kylie and her services, check out her Facebook page here.

For more information on Chelsea Nielsen (photo-shoot photographer), check out C. Nielsen Photography’s Facebook page here.

For more information on Ashley Robinson (hair and makeup), check out Ashley J Studios Facebook page here.

And finally, for more information about Jim Lamb (behind-the-scenes photography), check out Blacksheep Photography’s Facebook page here.


16 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Kylie Bollwitt

  1. Karen McFarland says:

    That was such a thoughtful thing to do! That must have made the heart of that young lady leap with joy! You made her day, her month, her year! I love your spirit of kindness and giving! Thank you Myndi, who I am so glad is taking care youself, and thank you Kylie for an inspirational post! Nice to meet you! 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for your kind words! I hope you are right about making an impact on her life! What i didnt do, God will do… so im not worried! 🙂

  2. Jim Lamb says:

    Such an amazing story of compassion and caring! I was so proud to have a minor role in this event and busting with joy to see y’all working with this young lady. There are a lot of uncaring, profit-minded folks in the world and it’s so refreshing to see the team rose above and volunteered to help out. I’m honored to call y’all my friends.

  3. CC MacKenzie says:

    Every single one of us is unique. We are all special. I loved this post because here is a wonderful human being on the cusp of life getting ready to fly. Doing this for her, honouring her, loving her for who she is as a person will help her find her wings.

    Good job guys, good job!

    • Anonymous says:

      You know whats REALLY great… she showed up to Omaha Fashion Week after I blessed her with tickets for the show; (im an intern for them) in an outfit I bought her! She was glowing and smiling from ear to ear! It was so nice to see her openly embracing her beauty and BELIVING it, herself! Day officially made. 🙂

  4. coleen patrick says:

    Amazing story. Just thinking about the times my kids came home crying from being teased still makes my heart hurt.
    What a way to really make a positive turn! So great.Thanks for sharing!!

    (Oh and Myndi I tagged you for the 11 Qs game, if you want to play)

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