Dance Anthem of the 80’s/Eet

Regina Spektor is on my list of favorite musicians.  I’m super, super stoked about her new album coming out in May.  ‘Till then, here’s a little bit of Regina doing what she does oh-so-well.  Enjoy!


Thanks to a head’s up from the super-fabulous Hubster, I had to add this one last minute – a little taste of what’s to come on her new album!


9 thoughts on “Dance Anthem of the 80’s/Eet

  1. Tameri Etherton says:

    My friends are the coolest! Yesterday I got to know a South Korean boy band called Nu’Est and today I meet Regina. My iPod thanks you.

    But I have to say, I think I liked the Virgin ad more than that first song. Too choppy and weird. I love the next two songs, though! I might have to put them on my writing soundtrack.

    Have a super fab Friday!!

  2. patriciasands says:

    Thanks for introducing her to me! I agree with Tameri about liking the last two songs better than the first. She has a great sound and very cool videos. I’ll definitely do some downloading.

  3. Amber West says:

    I ADORE Regina Spektor.

    For those who are experiencing her for the first time, mind if I add one of my favorites to the mix? Samson. BEAUTIFUL song. I love it so much.

  4. Sherry Isaac says:

    Here is what I take from your post, Myndi. Talent is everywhere, we don’t have to have super dooper el-huge-O sales to be successful. As a new writer, it can be so daunting to believe we could ever be on the shelf next to the likes of King, Rowling, Crichton, Atwood.

    Regina’s clear voice and distinctive style brings my hopes, and fears, down to earth. I can have a voice, I can have a loyal following, I can bring quality craft to the table, without tearing down records. I don’t have to win the Golden Heart to be published, or to have a career.

    With vision and talent, I can make my mark.

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