Fabio Bueno and the Penultimate Chick Flick

Fabio Bueno is a writer, book lover, family man, gamer, coffee drinker, X-Man hopeful, and a darn cool guy.

He’s also a snob.

A movie snob.

(I’m not calling him names, promise!  His movie snobbery is self-professed – check out his AWESOMESAUCE blog and you’ll see. :))

Today he’s here, putting that snobbery to good use, enlightening us on vast, wide world of Chick Flicks!

Have at it, Fabio!


Since we had fun with “The Opposite of Chick Flick” before, I thought we could talk a little about the opposite of the opposite of a Macho Movie: the romantic comedy!

A worldly, fast-talking guy thinks a girl is gorgeous, but also a spoiled princess. Because of a financial incentive, career advancement, and bragging rights, he decides to make the girl fall for him. The girl thinks the guy is a jerk and a womanizer, but he’s kind of hot. Even hating each other at first, they hang out a lot in an elaborate game of chicken. As they learn more about each other, they find out the other is not so bad after all, and a certain fondness arises. After a while (spoiler alert), they fall in love! The girl confesses her love, and the guy—even feeling guilty about his deception—is truly happy for a while. But he loves her too much: he can’t lie to her anymore. He does the honorable thing and tells her the truth. Only the girl doesn’t think he’s honorable at all. She abandons him and returns to her boring fiancée. However, a quirky person who is close to the girl helps her see the guy’s love for her is real. The guy even declined the promised reward! He’s trustworthy, and he loves her. The girl finds the guy, and they elope. The end.

I assure you: you’ve seen this movie. What’s the title?

(waiting for the answer)

Sorry, that’s not the correct answer. Come on! A hint: two Hollywood megastars headline the movie. Please try again. What’s the title?

(shaking the head)

Nope. The movie is called “It Happened One Night.” It is from 1934. It is also my favorite romantic comedy, because, as far as I know, it established the blueprint for almost all romantic comedies ever made since.

Here’s one of its famous scenes: the Walls of Jericho bit. Stay for the strip-tease at the end.

This scene was scandalous at the time (Claudette Colbert also shows a little skin in a later scene). Right after this movie, Hollywood created the Hays Code a form of institutional censorship that set back the art a few decades.

Another classic moment is below. Warning: it contains partial nudity in the last few seconds.

So, a fun movie, don’t you agree? Is the genre “silly entertainment”? It may well be, but this was the first movie to win the “Big Five” Oscars: movie, direction (for Frank Capra, aka one of the best directors of all time), actor (the inimitable Clark Gable), actress, and screenplay (obviously…).

If you like screwball comedies form the 30s, the IMDB’s faq page has a great list of recommendations, including “His Girl Friday” – probably the best dialogues ever.

Do you like the genre? What’s your favorite romantic comedy?

If you like movies, please come over my blog for fun bonus game! 


45 thoughts on “Fabio Bueno and the Penultimate Chick Flick

  1. emmaburcart says:

    Um, I think it is the plot for most Rom-Com’s. And I love them!!! Most of the time. When they are too cheesy, I can’t take it. But something like The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. OMG, I could watch it over and over. They are so cute together and the movie is hilarious. And, honestly, it does give me hope for the world. Everything doesn’t have to be heavy all the time. We can have a happy ending and be entertained. I think I get enough depressing stuff in everyday life, I don’t need more of it in my movies. But, that’s just me.

  2. Elen Grey says:

    This was a fun post! Emma — I really enjoyed The Proposal as well. There’s a copy in my collection.

    Fabio — I think one of my fave RC movies is the 1943 The More the Merrier, starring Jean Arthur. She was a master at this type of role. Have you seen it? I’ll be over to check your blog.

  3. Melinda VanLone says:

    I’ve never actually seen this movie but I enjoyed the clips. LOVE the partial nudity LOL. oooo so scandalous. I’m a huge fan of HEA endings. Loved The Proposal too, but then I love anything with Sandra Bullock.

  4. EllieAnn says:

    excellent post! A lot of fun to read.
    my favorite romantic comedy is The Ideal Husband, closely followed by Only You, closely followed by The Philadelphia Story, closely followed by While You Were Sleeping, closely followed by You’ve Got Mail, closely followed by Much Ado About Nothing. 😉

  5. Kristy K. James...Living, Loving, Laughing says:

    I’ve heard of this movie but never have watched it. Unlike His Girl Friday. I LOVE Cary Grant…Father Goose, and his very best (in my opinion)…Arsenic and Old Lace. I caught that on an old movie channel when I was a kid and fell in love with him on the spot. Kind of a pain to have a crush on a dead guy, but there you go.

    As with most everyone else, I could watch The Proposal half a dozen times a year. And while you were sleeping. I think Sandra Bullock is the reining queen of romantic comedies. While You Were Sleeping is another favorite. 🙂

  6. Xandra James says:

    I love my romantic comedies (hubby would kill me if I called them rom coms, LOL)! The Proposal has been mentioned here quite a few times and I really enjoyed that, plus there’s a lot of oldies that I grew up watching that are still favourites. Doris Day, Rock Hudson and Cary Grant are some of the best, imho 🙂

  7. Shannon Esposito says:

    Oooo…romantic comedies! Love ’em, they are the perfect escape. I think Julia Roberts was the queen of romatic comedies for me…remember Pretty Woman with Richard Gere? *swoon* As far as older RC’s, I”d have to go with Breakfast At Tiffany’s 🙂

  8. Sheila Seabrook says:

    So many romantic comedies, thank goodness they never seem to go out of style. Let’s see, probably Sleepless In Seattle, although anything with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan gets my vote!

  9. Karen McFarland says:

    It’s a sure bet in our house that if it’s movie night, it’s a romantic comedy. Love Clark Gable, Cary Grant without question. I agree with Kristy. Father Goose is one of the best! The timing in that picture was amazing. But then again, that’s Cary Grant. I’ve always been a Meg Ryan Fan. French Kiss is one of my favs. This was fun Fabio! Thanks for the memories too! 🙂

  10. Debra Eve says:

    How did I miss this movie! Love everything from that era. Can’t wait to see it. Thanks, Fabio (and Myndi).

  11. Kourtney Heintz says:

    I think genre has its uses, but sometimes it’s confounding. What is a fantasy could also be a lovestory. My favorite films tend to cross genres or at least confuse them. 🙂

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