MAKING IT HAPPEN: Change’s a’comin’, and Aydan’s underwear drawer

Heading into a new week, for me, always starts on Saturday.  Saturday feels like my Monday – the Hubster is home, which allows me to work.  During the week that doesn’t happen much – at least not writing, anyway.  Between homeschooling the boys (which has claimed my laptop most of the time), playing with SweetZ, and loving on my new little Took, I’m able to do little more than read a few blogs, respond to comments here, and throw out a Tweet here and there.

So, I’m writing this post on Saturday morning.  Sitting in a comfy chair in the *gasp* library, because, whaddya know, I’m growing up and am – little by little – losing my fear of it.

The Hubster is laughing at me.  To Hubster:  Stop it.

Now that SHRILUGH is in the process of being wrapped up, I find myself, for the first time, seriously looking at a release date for my book.  I haven’t settled on an exact day, but I will, of course, let you know waaaaay ahead of time.  To be honest, I’m (more than) a little freaked out.  I feel like I’m holding my big-girl panties out in front of me, trying to decide whether or not I really want to put them on.  Just the thought of doing it has me nearly doubled over in panic…

Also coming ’round the mountain, as they say, (and far less intimidating than releasing my first book) is a new home for me, blog-ishly speaking.  I don’t have an exact date for when that change will happen, but, as with the book’s release, I’ll let you know waaaaay ahead of time.

Awhile back, I posted about digging through my characters’ underwear drawers.  It was such fun to snoop and know I’d never, ever get caught.  *mwah-ha-ha!*  I thought I’d share, one by one, what I found in my main characters’ drawers – something for you to chew on this summer as we near the release of SHRILUGH.

My main protag is Aydan, a nearly 19-year old girl who’s life is about to be turned upside down (duh, right?  Who wants to read – or write, for that matter – a book about a girl who’s life stays pretty much the same?).

Her underwear drawer is the very bottom drawer of an old wardrobe.  The wardrobe is a heavy beast of a thing, and it’s seen better days.  Its stain is worn off in places, and it’s missing both doorknobs.  Aydan’s careful never to close its doors completely, otherwise she’s stuck bruising the tips of her fingers trying to pry them open.

The bottom drawer has a personality all its own – something similar to that of a mule.  You really have to tug at it to get it to open – it sticks; but if you pull wrong, it sticks even harder.

Go ahead and give it a tug.

Didja get it?  No?  Try again.

Got it open?  Good.  Now peek inside.

Amidst socks and undergarments there should be an old pair of red soccer socks from grade school.  The first time she wore them her mom told her they must have been magical because they made her run so fast.  Next to them, wrapped inside a scrap of her old baby blanket, is the nose from her favorite teddy bear.  It fell off ages ago, but she couldn’t stand to throw it away.  Near that is a worn copy of Justin Morgan had a Horse – a birthday gift from Bristol (her best friend) years ago.  Inside the pages is a single daisy, pressed and fragile.  Bristol had tucked it behind her ear in a lighthearted moment.  She also has a small stash of perfect skipping rocks, kept inside a small burlap sack.  She keeps them there for emergencies – nothing soothes her mind quite like skipping stones.  Except, maybe, a good run.

Didja get a good look?  When you’re done, go ahead and tuck all those things back under her clothes how you found them.  And be careful pushing the drawer back in – if you push unevenly, it’ll get stuck, and you’ll have to really fight it to get it back in place.

Thanks for popping by today!  Hopefully next week I’ll have a little more information regarding the timeframe of rolling out my new website!

Big grins,



27 thoughts on “MAKING IT HAPPEN: Change’s a’comin’, and Aydan’s underwear drawer

  1. patriciasands says:

    Clever, Myndi … who doesn’t like to root around drawers in an old wardrobe? You’ve piqued our interest about Aydan and we’re waiting for more …
    SO looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us with the new website!

  2. Lisa Hall-Wilson says:

    I totally had a dresser like that. It was just easier to things its way than fight it. 🙂 Great trip down memory lane for me. If you’re looking for Beta readers count me in 🙂

  3. alicamckennajohnson says:

    What a fun peek into your heroine! And a release date- I’m so excited for you!!! BTW I have written your pastlife reason for disliking libraries, once I get it cleaned up I’ll post it on my blog- it’s very dramatic.,

  4. Ginger Calem says:

    How fun is this!!! I get an immediate sense of her from this little peek into her skivvie-drawer! Great job.

  5. Jenny Hansen says:

    You know I’m a fan of “big girl panties.” You just keep trucking, Myndi! I’m so, so proud of you for finishing that book with all you’ve got going on. 🙂

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