HAPPY HAUSFRAU: Boys Are Disgusting

Two of my most very favorite people in the whole, wide world.

Yeah, I said it.

Boys are disgusting.

Listen, I love my boys more than you can imagine.  They are sweet, kind, caring, absolutely hilarious, intelligent, handsome little devils.

But, like many boys (or so I hear), they lack a certain thing called aim.  And that lack of aim leaves a certain, je ne sai quoi, reek, about our toilets.

So, Happy Hausfrau that I am, I had to find a solution.  One that I didn’t have to buy in the store, and one that is reasonably easy on the environment (because, come on, I have to do something to make up for the terrifying amount of plastic bags I recently put in the trash).

Enter Ask Anna (found via Pinterest, of course).  Anna’s promise is that by using this simple recipe, the boy-pee smell will go away.

This was just the start of the foaming…I narrowly escaped having it foam over before I got it into a bigger bowl!

So, off I went with my lemon-juice/baking soda mixture (which, by the way, foams and grows, so use a bigger bowl than you think you need!) to spread wherever I think the boys might hit with a little overspray when they get distracted by any of the following:

*A spider crawling on the wall.

*A genius idea for a new lego creation.

*Being clotheslined by his brother.

I used three lemons, which made enough juice to use the bulk of a large box of baking soda…and that was plenty to clean three bathroom toilet areas, with some left over, which I used as a scrub for my bathtub.

One lemon is already juiced and in the bowl; it’s just hard to see. 🙂

It worked fabulously.  Not only is the pee-smell gone, but the kids had fun helping me with it because it felt like a science experiment.  The foaming baking soda/lemon juice was cool; the fact that it foamed up even more when sprayed with vinegar water was even cooler.  The only way it could have pegged the cool-o-meter is if we could have managed to blow something up in the process.

(Because, let’s face it, to a pair of 8 and 10 year old boys, nothing’s as awesome as making something go ka-boom!)

At any rate, anything that can get two pre-teen boys excited about cleaning the bathroom, I’m totally on board with.

Hey, and FYI, for reasons I’ve not been able to put my finger on yet, my bathtub seems to accumulate soap scum faster than the others in our house.  This scrub worked beautifully on it – my bathtub is squeaky-clean, like-new, sparkly-awesome.

All in all, the Happy Hausfrau gives this remedy two thumbs up.  Give it a try and let me know how it goes!  And head over to my Pinterest boards Squeaky Clean, CraftyGirl, and Homemade Pretty for more DIY ideas for cleaning, home, and beauty.

Squeaky-clean hugs-n-kisses,

The Happy Hausfrau


36 thoughts on “HAPPY HAUSFRAU: Boys Are Disgusting

  1. Natalie Hartford says:

    Amazing. I don’t have any young boys but I’m going to try it on the tub….and I mean, let’s be honest…the toilet as well! The big guy might be over 40 but he still doesn’t have the greatest of aim either. LOL!!

  2. T. W. Dittmer says:

    They just formed a Senate committee to study this problem in the male population. They’ll probably recommend a new branch of government…. maybe the USUAD… U.S. Urinary Aim Department.

  3. Elizabeth Anne Mitchell says:

    Myndi, my two boys just came home for the summer, and man, can I tell it in the bathroom! It passes understanding why this is such a problem. Maybe I should go back to the days of throwing a Cheerio in there and having them aim for it 😉

  4. Eden says:

    This is a definite “will try”.

    All of this said however, here’s a horrible fact that we women should not be so proud of.

    Back in the college days when I was suddenly living on my own, plus going to school, I worked for a janitorial company. And…. well, the nicest way to say it was, the men’s rooms were ALWAYS cleaner than the women’s rooms. Yes, there was the “line” along the bottom of the urinal, but in the women’s rooms there were all sorts of “delightful surprises”. And this was in professional office buildings, and not in a big city. Often not even in a city just one of those industrial/office parks that seem to be everywhere these days.

    I don’t even want to speculate on the reasons, but really… we all have some level of disgusting in us. It’s just where we choose to let it show.

  5. Shannon Esposito says:

    Oh, love this! Definitely trying it. I, too, use bleach (and gag and have the smell stuck in my mouth for hours) because my 6 year old twins can’t help but get into pee wars every night!

  6. Karen McFarland says:

    He, he, he, Myndi, yes boys are gross! I know, I have two. Well three if you count hubby. When my boys were little, I told them if they didn’t start making it into the toilet they were going outside to pee with the dog! Yes, I did actually say that. Did my threat work? Yes. I know, it’s hilarious. I wonder if they still remember that? I feel sorry for them sometimes. I think I warped their brains. LOL! Now, have you tried hydrogen peroxide? That works really well because it kills the bactieria. But I have to admit, lemon leaves a fresh, clean smell! Thanks Myndi! 🙂

    • Myndi Shafer...one stray sock away from insanity. says:

      That’s so funny…but that threat would have never worked in my house. I don’t think the boys would ever choose to pee inside, if it were up to them – free reign to spray willy nilly? Too intoxicating a thought. I’ll never forget the time I came home from grocery shopping to find the boys and their dad lined up in the back yard having a pee-off. Thank goodness for tall bushes and privacy fences!!

    • Eden says:

      Actually, Karen, urine is (if isn’t left out too long or the person making it isn’t sick) actually quite sterile. Urine used to be used to wash clothing and to sterilize wounds and surgical implements. Myndi’s lemon solution is probably just fine.

  7. Kassandra Lamb says:

    You are such a scream, Myndi. I too use bleach and I’m forever messing up my clothes by splashing some on them, so I’ve started cleaning the bathroom in the buff. Not a pretty sight! Now I can use your formula and keep my clothes on 🙂

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