LETTERS FROM MYNNIESUE: To the Dude Who Paid for My Groceries on Sunday Morning,

Thanks for paying it forward when I forgot my debit card at home.  Not only did you save me from a coffee-less morning (oh, the horror), but you also spared me from the wretchedly humiliating Grocery Store Walk of Shame.

You rock, and you done your momma proud.

Big grins,



14 thoughts on “LETTERS FROM MYNNIESUE: To the Dude Who Paid for My Groceries on Sunday Morning,

  1. justbetweencousins says:

    I was at Starbucks this past Friday…as I waited in the eternal drive-thru line sorting the struggles of my topsy-turvy day, I was faced with running late for TKD class for my youngest…”I never run late!” I hoped that the car at the window did not deplete the coffee supply with all the cups being handed out the window. It pulled off and the car in front of me moved up and received their order. I put my Starbucks card into my left hand and moved up holding the card out for the cashier. She opened the window and said…”The gentlemen in the car in front of you paid for your drink.” I was in shock as I took my trenta iced coffee from her. I looked to see if I could see who he was…no luck. A smile appeared on my face and I called my son to share the sweet act.
    Peach State

  2. Gloria Richard Author says:

    EEE!* Mine happened at a Starbucks, too. I left my cell phone in my car so I didn’t have my handy-dandy Starbucks card to scan to pay for my drink. I was in a cancel-the-order-and-I’ll-be-right-back dither, when the man in line behind me told them to put it on his ticket.

    Fast-forward a week. I’m at the counter (with my iPhone), turn to glance behind me, and it’s the same guy! I got to pay for his.

    Hmmm. Why are all of these stories connected by a string of half-or-non-caffeinated brains?

    *I would have used OMG, but Jenny Hansen changed the meaning of that for me forever.

  3. prudencemacleod says:

    It appears that caffeine is truly the tie that binds, and those who regularly imbibe are indeed good hearted folk. I love to hear stories like this.

  4. gingercalem says:

    I adore hearing stories about random acts of kindness. In fact, I’m going to put that back on my weekly goals list. Makes you feel so good and all the other crappy little things don’t seem quite so crappy. 😉

  5. laurastanfill says:

    This fall while I was pregnant a group of middle-school students knocked on my door and offered to rake my yard! I was ecstatic. They were wandering through the neighborhood with rakes for a random act of kindness day.

    • laurastanfill says:

      I want to add that I brought my kids and a neighbor’s kid to an amusement park today, and while I helped the kid I was watching get on his horse, mine stood patiently by her choice waiting for me to lift her up. Another woman came up and started putting her kid on the horse. I spoke up and pointed to my child standing right there, but she was rude and insisted her kid go on that one. I tried explaining I needed to stand by both kids, especially since one wasn’t mine, but she continued being actively confrontational, so I backed away and went elsewhere. It left a sour taste, and that lingered throughout the day, until reading your kindness post and then thinking of my wonderful rakers this fall. Thanks for the reminder that there are many great, thoughtful people in the world!

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Laura, I love both of yours! I just try to remember that everyone hasn’t gotten on the RAOK train, and they just need more coffee (or chocolate, or LOVE) in their lives. 🙂

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