MAKING IT HAPPEN: August is here!

August is shaping up in a Not Sure Whether To Take Up Drinking Because I’m Happy Scared Nervous Sad Or All Of The Above kind of way.  I think it might turn out be one of those milestone months that linger in memory as a significant corner turned.

School buses in the fall

School buses in the fall (Photo credit: tncountryfan)

The boys start school in eight days.  EIGHT DAYS.  This fact blows my mind.  After being a homeschooling parent for the past three years, it’s gonna be a hard change.  A good change, for sure, but hard just the same.  It’ll take a little getting used to.  Willy J and VV Mike are two of coolest people I know, and I’m a little sad that they’re not going to be around all day every day anymore.  But this is a good fit for all of us.  They’re excited to be around peers during the day, and frankly, trying to balance homeschool, writing, preschool, an infant, and keeping the house from looking like a war zone was not exactly easy.  I’ll be super-glad to have a little less on my plate this year.

Even so, EIGHT DAYS. *squinches nose*  I think I’m more nervous about it than the boys are.

SHRILUGH is being copy-edited as we speak.  I’m in the depths of revision hell with book two (DARKENING).  Also working on a blurb and log-line for SHRILUGH, and finishing up cover art.  Can’t wait to share all that with you, but it’s not ready yet.  Maybe next week.  As things stand, I’m looking at releasing SHRILUGH the last week of August.

My stomach just turned a somersault.

Let’s talk underwear drawers.  This week you must choose between two men. One is a vagabond.  If you’re wondering how a vagabond can have an underwear drawer at all, vote for him, and I’ll tell you next week.  The other is a powerful dictator.  If you’re wondering whether or not a powerful ruler keeps his secrets in his underwear drawer, vote for him and I’ll tell you next week.  Both men are not from our world, but one of them lives here.  Both men believe they are father to the same girl, but neither of them raised her.  One man loves the girl’s mother; the other is married to her.

I wonder who you’ll pick…

Vote below, and have a fabulous week!




16 thoughts on “MAKING IT HAPPEN: August is here!

  1. gingercalem says:

    I can only imagine your trepidation about sending those boys off to school. I hope they transition smoothly and LOVE it and make all sorts of new friends. At the same time, I picture you with a little more creative space in your day for those girls, your writing and just your mind to settle into yourself. 🙂

  2. Tameri Etherton says:

    Eight days?!? Yikes, that’s early. Actually, my son’s last school started mid-August and I liked it. The high school starts at the end of August, so we still have some time to play. Wait. Did I just say High School? My stomach just turned!

    Congrats on Shrilugh being that much closer to publication! You must be dancing around in excitement. Have fun for the next week with your little guys. They grow up so fast so hug them as much as you can!

  3. Coleen Patrick says:

    Oh my gosh Myndi that’s a lot of excitement and nerves to deal with! Such huge news for your boys and your BOOK (um, yay!) I am looking forward to hearing all about it and to cheering you on! 🙂

  4. Veronica Forand says:

    Last fall, I sent my two daughters to school after homeschooling eight years. Probably not incredibly smart to start oldest daughter in 7th grade- kids are pretty hormonal and evil. But she made friends, did most of her work, and actually wanted to return this year. That’s success!

  5. laurastanfill says:

    I’m sending my oldest to kindergarten next month. Crazy! I keep watching her on the playground, or at playdates, wondering how she will relate to the kids in her class and which teacher she will have. Worrying, in other words, when I should be going out to buy a rainproof cover for the stroller because we’ll be walking every day (in Oregon, where it rains a lot). I enrolled her in summer camp during our weeklong New York vacation, and she made new friends in those five days, so that was positive.

    Good luck to your boys and to you in weathering the transition!

  6. alicamckennajohnson says:

    My daughter just took the city bus for her first day at middle school. I remember when we decided to switch from homeschooling to reg school- it was a hard decision, but it worked best for all of us and because of the foundation we were able to give them both of my kids have done very well in school and have stood strong in who they are and kept their values even when not popular- they’ll do great!

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