Countdown to SHRILUGH: 2


Two Days Until SHRILUGH!

Like yesterday’s post, I’m giving you another little snippet from the book. This one’s from Part Two and – you guessed it – has the word ‘two’ in it. It’s told from the perspective of Rein Torvald, a Stranger in our world.


She stood in the doorway, face aghast as she clutched a shirt around her so tightly her knuckles were white; dark hair hung loosely around her shoulders; porcelain legs contrasted with the darkness of the hall behind her.  But what took the Stranger most by surprise, what stopped his breathing, and made the pain disappear for one miracle of a second, were her eyes.  Her eyes pierced his, sending a jolt of electricity through him, not unlike Isaac’s blows, but without the pain.

In that moment, the Stranger’s world shifted.  Those two eyes – one green, one silver – brought back out of the recesses of his memory the words of his mother, uttered years and years ago.  In that moment, Rein Torvald, the Stranger tied to the chair, knew two things that just a few moments ago he would have scoffed at as impossible, were absolutely certain.

Æydan Csitrali, this woman who was barely more than a child, had unknowingly robbed him of his heart.  And she would, he felt in the depths of his soul, be the death of him.


Holy cow, you guys. TWO DAYS. It’s coming, fast.

Feel free to do any of the following (because I’m doing all of them):

Do a little happy jig. Clutch your stomach because your butterflies are seriously out of control. Text your bestie (in my case, it’s the Hubster) and tell him he needs to stop what he’s doing and hold your hand because you’re too excited to breathe.

Or, you can choose more productive activities, and:

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12 thoughts on “Countdown to SHRILUGH: 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    *squeal* I am so happy for you, Myn! Count me in for the little happy jig. 🙂 I’ll bet Aiden will even participate with me.

  2. SimplyyMayra says:

    Hola Myndi! I am truly so happy for you! With my move and all, it’s been so hectic that due to time restrictions, I’ve neglected to read awesome blogs like yours. But, I’m settling in my new home slowly but surely and am glad I caught you right before your book’s debut so that I can say CONGRATZ!!! So sorry we didn’t get the chance to meet prior to my leaving kansas, but hey, will be seeing ya round blogosphere! Tootles!

    ~SimplyyMayra 😉

  3. Karen McFarland says:

    I am so excited for you Myndi! Keep holding hubby’s hand. It’s really happening! *Jumping up and down with excitement*

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