SHRILUGH is offically yours for the reading.

Get it at Smashwords or Amazon or iTunes today! And if you’re looking for a paperback version, check it out here!

After you’ve procured your copy feel free to tell your friends, neighbors, loved ones, enemies, pets, health care professionals, stylists, teachers, frienemies, local politicians, public-access tv hosts, neighborhood cat lady, mailman, and anybody else you can think of.  Here, I’ll feed you some lines:

*Energetic waving through open car window* “Hiya, guy in car next to me at red stop-light that I don’t know! I just downloaded/ordered this great book called Shrilugh. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve heard it’s really, really, really awesome, and I felt I’d be doing you, my brother in humanity, a great disservice if I didn’t tell you about it! SHRILUGH! It’s called Shrilugh, spelled S-H-R-I-L-U-G-H. Don’t forget it! SHRILUGH! SHRIIIIIILUGH!”

You don’t have to use this speech verbatim. Feel free to improvise.




45 thoughts on “TODAY’S THE DAY!

  1. August McLaughlin says:

    CONGRATS, MS. AWESOME PUBLISHED AUTHOR LADY! So stoked for you, and have great feelings about your future. Didn’t mean to sound like Madame 8 Ball—I’m just sayin.’

    Question for you: Who is your primary audience? More specifically, what age group of kids does your book best suit? I have a whole bunch of nieces who love stories…and presents. 😉

  2. patriciasands says:

    I’m late to this party, Myndi, but have tweeted your news and downloaded. Can’t wait to read it! Enjoy every minute of this very special time and repeat frequently, with a wide smile, “I am a published author!”

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