Five Pinterest Finds That Have Changed My Life (albeit in mediocre ways)

When I hear the word Pinterest, this is what comes to mind:

A magical place where time disappears. Seriously, where does it go?

1,001 ways to turn a t-shirt into something other than a t-shirt. 

My house looks like shit.

Plan your family’s meals a year in advance! For less than $100! All you need is four industrial-sized freezers, a couple hundred pounds of ground beef, and a bottle full of Xanax!

Seriously, though, I love Pinterest. I’m extremely fond of useful, helpful things, and Pinterest – even though it can, at times, be a total time drain – has pointed me in the direction of several useful things that I now can’t live without.

Here are five of my faves (the links are underlined – be sure to click on ’em!):

(5) Removing Nail Polish  It’s a rare thing for me to be without nail polish. I’m really fond of dark, bold colors, which can be a pain to remove. I stumbled onto this little tutorial, and let me tell you, it works like a dream. Not only that, but it saves on a little bit of waste, which always makes me happy. If you’re a polish-diva, you’re gonna want to check this link out.

(4) Hemming Jeans  My oldest son is in that slightly awkward stage of pre-pubescence. His legs haven’t exactly grown into his body yet, which means I’m forever hemming jeans. Thing is, jeans that are hemmed look…well, hemmed. That’s kindof a bummer, especially if you’re a fifth-grader who wants to look cool. Enter this tutorial, which shows how to easily hem jeans in a way that leaves the original hem intact. Voila! Happy fifth-grader!

(3) Teaching SweetZ to Sweep This one might not seem like that big of a deal, but SweetZ thinks it’s great fun, and keeping her happy and entertained gives me more time to work, so…SCORE!

Wolf-Zoey and Wolf-Mommy….RAWR!!!

(2) Making faux make-up for SweetZ This is along the same lines as #3: If SweetZ’s happy, Momma’s happy. SweetZ is a girlie-girl to-boot, and she loves to play makeup. Thing is, if she’s playing with real make-up, I often, in the course of the day, forget that I’ve been made into a wolf-mommy, and will head to Target looking…strange. Faux make-up fixes that, and SweetZ’s happy ’cause it’s still colorful and fun.

(1) Really great gift ideas If you’re a female on my Christmas list, this might be a little spoiler-y, so don’t click on the link. (Or do, if you’re the peeking type. No judgement here.) I love happy ideas like this one, and can’t wait to surprise my sweet friendlies with ideas from my Gift Ideas board.

How do you feel about Pinterest? Love it? Hate it? Never tried it so you can’t answer? What are some of your favorite finds? Post your links below – I’d love to see ’em!

Grins, Mynniesue

(p.s. Have you found yourself reading Shrilugh? If so, check out this Pinterest board to see how my beta-readers saw the story! Or, better yet, start your own Shrilugh Pinterest board and tell me about it! I’ll be sure to stop by and say hello!)


5 thoughts on “Five Pinterest Finds That Have Changed My Life (albeit in mediocre ways)

  1. Natalie Hartford says:

    LOVE the nail polish removing tutorial. I can’t wait to try it! And what a GREAT Xmas gift idea. Love it. Thanks for sharing Myndi. I really enjoy Pinterest but haven’t had much time for it as of late. Looks like I need to get back to surfing! 🙂

  2. Lena Corazon says:

    Oh boy, you’ve just saved me many an hour with the nail polish removing tips! I’ve been in lurrrrve with Pinterest for the last year or so, especially for envisioning bits and pieces of my WIPs. I keep having to remind myself, though, that pinning storyboard prettiness is not the same as actually writing. 😛

  3. August McLaughlin says:

    Pinterest is fantastic. 🙂 I love that it’s lower maintenance than other social media, and I’ve met some cool tweeps through it. And don’t get me started on the gorgeous animal eye candy…. I heart them all.

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