A List of Lovely Fives

The lovely Anna over at Shout with Emaginette had some fun last week making lists of fives. Then she tagged me in her happy little game. Seems like fun, so I thought I’d play along.

1.09.10-Annual Read

1.09.10-Annual Read (Photo credit: lenz art)

Five Favorite Books  Garsh, this one’s hard. I loved Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but the whole Narnia series makes me super happy –  A Horse and His Boy is seriously excellent. And oh my gosh, have you guys read The Dark Tower series by Stephen King? It’s so, so good. So good. I really, really enjoyed The Agony and the Ecstasy. And The Thorn Birds. Such a good book. I also adore Anne of Green Gables – there’s no character I’ve ever wanted to be a real person more than Anne. She’s fantastic. Is that five? I think it’s more than five. Ach. I could list books all day. So bummed to stop here!

sydney opera house at night

sydney opera house at night (Photo credit: mackenzie and john)

Five Fabulous Moments  (1) Being handed each of my newborn babies will always, always top this list. Seriously, there are just no words to describe it. (2) Standing under an umbrella with T on a dark rainy night in Sydney, staring across the harbor at the Opera House, thinking, “I think I’m in trouble with this guy.” My heart wanted to leap out of my chest into his hands, and I wasn’t sure I wanted it to. (3) Last Thursday. (4) When I was a kid I used to show horses. One year, at the state fair, while I was waiting my turn, this really rough-looking scruffy older guy came up to my horse and started talking to me. While we were talking, I noticed my dad was watching us with his jaw on the ground. After the guy left, Dad asked me if I knew who that was. I told him I had no idea. Turns out, it was Hank Williams, Jr. (5) Any night I get to smoke a stogie with the Hubster under the stars is a fabulous moment.

Old Vinyl

Old Vinyl (Photo credit: fensterbme)

Five Things I Love  (1) Really good music. Preferably on vinyl. (2) I also really love playing the piano. It’s my friend. (3)Thunderstorms. I really, really, really love thunderstorms and rainy days. (4) Applesauce. Might sound silly, but it’s so simple and childlike and sweet. We could all do with a little more simple and childlike and sweet in our lives. (5) The sound of my kiddos belly-laughing.

Five Things I Dislike  (1) Weak coffee. (2) Soap operas. (3) The phrase “I’m bored”. (4) Yo Gabba Gabba (5) Facing the librarian when I have overdue book fines.

Here’s the part where I’m supposed to nominate five other folks to play along. I’m gonna change the rules, though. I want everybody to play who would like to! So if this looks like fun to you, consider this your nomination! Jump in and play in the comments, or do it on your blog. If you blog about it, be sure to tell me, and I’ll pop by!




13 thoughts on “A List of Lovely Fives

  1. Coleen Patrick says:

    Your two sentences about Sydney and your husband show your gift for romance and love Myndi. But I already knew that from reading Shrilugh. 🙂 You are a talented writer, I can’t tell you how many times your characters popped into my head after finishing the book! Looking forward to book 2!!

  2. jansenschmidt says:

    Anne of Green Gables – yes! That is another great series. And I always forget about the Little House on the Prairie books. Read those lots of times as a youngster.

    Interesting insights into Myndi Shafer’s mind. I love the standing under he umbrella with T thinking you’re in trouble with that guy! Love that!

    Good game.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  3. Reetta Raitanen says:

    I second Narnia, the Dark Tower series and Anna of Green Gables. Although I like her Emily series better being an introvert writer 🙂 I loved your special moments. It is a miracle to hold your own child for the first time. And what a romantic moment to notice you’re falling in love.

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