Toilets, Tattoos, and Telekinetic Marketing

Monday is off to a BANG, because I’m giving stuff away. *does a little happy dance*

Everybody who entered the I’M READING SHRILUGH contest – thanks so much! Your photos totally made my day, and this is now one of my most favorite Pinterest boards, ever. 

There can, however, only be one. (And, yes, I am dork enough to use the Highlander reference. That’s just how I roll.)

Using the highly scientific method of SweetZ pulling a name out of a basket (we couldn’t find a suitable hat. Don’t ask.), the winner of this contest is:

Nikki McMaster!

Nikki’s photo was starkly honest, which I loved.

Nikki reads Mommy-style: Locked in the bathroom

Nikki, email me your mailing addy, and I’ll get your paperback copy of Shrilugh in the mail.

Now, on to last week’s contest. It had many names, but I’m most fond of C’MON, HELP A SISTAH OUT. And help you did! You guys were so great about tweeting, bragging, rating, and tattooing (yes, folks, ink was laid), that I spent most of the week in giddy euphoria.

There can, however, only be one. (My blog. I can use the reference twice if I want.) The winner of this contest is:


Anne entered the contest in a variety of ways, but my favorite was by sending telekinetic messages to the checkers at the grocery store. Hey, Anne, email me your mailing addy and I’ll get your loot in the mail!

Finally, remember how I said that if you chose to tattoo yourself to help promote Shrilugh you’d automatically get a book and some chocolate? I actually had takers, folks. Check it out:

The ever-fabulous Coleen Patrick took a pen to her darling daughter (who is now a total rockstar in my book), and this was the result. #awesomesauce #giddy #ridonkycool #colormehappy  They will definitely be getting a package in the mail in the near future.

This was so much fun, you guys. I can already tell, even from this early on in the journey, that I have the best readers in the world!

Big love,




8 thoughts on “Toilets, Tattoos, and Telekinetic Marketing

  1. Gloria Richard Author says:

    Hey, Myndi! Long time, no visit. *Hangs head for being Social Media slug.
    Congratulations on Shrilugh. It now officially resides in my Kindle for PC file.

    Pause for happy dance..

    That means you pushed two babies into the world this year, doesn’t it? I read the excerpt and know I’m gonna’ love it.

  2. jansenschmidt says:

    Totally fun! Love the ink design. Drawn free-hand too? Wow, that’s awesome. That Colleen, she’s qute something isn’t she?

    Keep up the good stuff, Myndi!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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