English: my toes

English: my toes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know that we all have fifteen toes, but five of them are invisible and have no sense of feeling? It’s totally true. According to a study by Swedish scientist Albert Berhnhard, the five invisible toes are most commonly split between our feet, two on the right, three on the left. There have been instances of different toe variations, but very rarely have all five invisi-toes been found on one foot. It’s interesting to note that in those few cases, each subject has been, at one point in their life, incarcerated for public nudity.

The purpose of these five toes is not entirely known, but it is speculated that they aid in or contribute to:

*our ability to jump

*our lower extremities falling asleep when seated in one position for too long (Angry Birds on the toilet, anyone?)

*toe-eye coordination (ever tried to pick up a clothes-pin with your toes and succeeded? Thank you, invisi-toes!)

and *ass-kicking. Seriously. If you participate in Martial Arts you’ve likely experienced the power of the invisi-toes.

There has been at least one confirmed report of a woman who had not five, not six, but seven invisi-toes, split between her two feet in a ratio of five on the right, and two on the left. There was nothing especially remarkable about her other than her ability to writer her name with her feet, and the fact that she claimed her mother was a mermaid and her father a Pigmy.

For more information on invisi-toes and Albert Berhnhard, click here. There’s a really cool tutorial to help you count your invisi-toes, and figure out how they’ve aided you in your life. Go check it out and come back here – I can’t wait to hear all about your extra digits!

p.s. I have five. They are split between my left and right feet in a ratio of four (on my right) and one (on my left). Apparently this is pretty rare, but it doesn’t look like they’ve given me any special advantage. Bummer.


14 thoughts on “Invisi-Toes

  1. Erica T says:

    You goof. Actually, I had a teacher in China who claimed fat people were fat because they had extra ribs and skinny people, well… She was serious, too!

  2. jansenschmidt says:

    That explains why my shoes hurt my toes by the end of the day, especially my high heeled shoes. There’s not enough room down there for all the invisi toes. Probably also explains why one foot is just a schoosh bigger than the other; more toes on one side.

    Thanks for explaining that.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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