SweetZ loves to do my hair. She brushes, blow dries, and fluffs it at least twice a day. Usually more. It’s the best. I love her intense look of concentration while she’s doing her thing – play is serious business around here.

Today SweetZ is decked out in a pink sparkly tutu, loaded down with bracelets and necklaces, and has more barrettes in her hair than I would have thought possible. She is a Walking Talking Explosion of Girly-ness.

She says to me, “Mom, can we play? I have lipstick. Let’s brush our teeth and put on lipstick.”

I say, “I’d love to sweetie, but I need to work a little, first.”

“But mom,” she says, twisting a strand of my hair in her chubby little fingers. I notice the dirt under her nails and smile. She likes digging in the dirt almost as much as she loves doing my hair and playing ballerina. “But mom, I can smell your breath.”

“You can?”

“Yeah. It smells like coffee. And stinky cheese.”

“Stinky cheese!”


I grin at her. “Okay. Let’s go brush our teeth, but then I need to work until Alice wakes up.”

“Let’s brush our teeth and put on lipstick. You’ll work better with lipstick on.”

My grin widens. There might be some wisdom there. “Alright. Toothbrushes and lipstick. Let’s do it.”

“And then I will fluff your hair while you fluff your book.” She grabs her Tinkerbell brush, holding it out in front of her like Arthur wielding Excalibur. How on earth can I say no to that?

I can’t.

“Sounds good to me.”


Shrilugh’s sequel, The Darkening, is coming along. I’m not ready to give y’all a release date just yet, but I wanted you to know that I’m making progress. If you’re interested in some of the things I’m chewing on while I’m writing, check out this Pinterest board.Β 

If you’ve read Shrilugh and loved it, I’d love it if you left a review over at Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords, or Goodreads. Actually, if you’ve readΒ anything recently and loved it, I’m sure the author would appreciate a glowing review – not only for the positive affirmation, but because your good reviews help encourage others to buy our work. *grins*

And if you haven’t read Shrilugh yet, do! It’s only $2.99 (for an eBook) on Amazon, iTunes, and Smashwords.


37 thoughts on “MAKING IT HAPPEN: Fluff it.

  1. Gloria Richard Author says:

    SweetZ is a doll! I love the way she maneuvered you into brushing your teeth (stinky cheese, indeed), putting on lipstick, and letting her fluff your hair.

    KA-SNORT! on “fluff your book.”

    Thanks for the morning grins, Myndi.

  2. gingercalem says:

    She’s adorable! Now I’m compelled to put on some lipstick so I can be more productive. Her ‘stinky cheese’ comment reminded me of when I was pregnant with my first. I had lifted my shirt to let my 3 year old nephew feel the baby kick. He leaned over and smelled my stomach. When I asked him what it smelled like, his reply was, “Brown meat.”

    Okaay, then … πŸ˜‰

  3. Lena Corazon says:

    Myndi, your kids are so freaking precious. Also, SweetZ is quite the intelligent one. I can testify that I do indeed work better when wearing lipstick. πŸ˜›

    Happy writing! Shrilugh is next up on my TBR list!

  4. Coleen Patrick says:

    So adorable! Love the book fluffing too. And Myndi, I really like the new look you’ve got going on for your site. Good stuff!

  5. jansenschmidt says:

    Awww – nothing better than a good hair fluffing. And, she is absolutely right – we are more productive with lipstick on. And we look better too!

    Congratulations on the book! Good luck with sales.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  6. Jess Witkins says:

    Myndi, this melted MY heart! I can only imagine you how smiled after this conversation. So fun! And you need to make that photo into a greeting card and I will so buy it. Side business? Personalized bookmarks with your Shrilugh purchase? Eh? Eh?

    I could help market this. You can pay me in chocolate and first dibs on your funny notecards/bookmarks…ooh mugs? πŸ˜€

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