Happy Hausfrau: Ice Cream for Brekkie

Parenthood is exhausting.

It’s fun, and fulfilling, and worth every iota of energy you put into it, but…

It’s exhausting.

Which is why, when SweetZ woke up in the middle of the night, ready to go for the day, I, in an effort to protect what was left of my resting hours, promised her ice cream for brekkie – if she’d be a really good girl and sleep until the sun came up.

Ice cream. For brekkie. Yeah, I know. Mom of the year. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Lucky for me (and lucky for SweetZ), I’d recently stumbled upon this recipe on Pinterest that promised yummy, tasty ice-cream, without any sugar (or cream, for that matter). And since I hoard bananas in my freezer (not, as my bestie Kelley hopes, to make my own rum), it seemed worth a shot. But I didn’t really have my hopes up, ’cause, well, it’s ice cream, but without sugar and cream. So, in the end, not really ice cream, but a bastard impostor that has some seriously Big-Ass Britches to fill.

Even so, I had a promise to keep, and really didn’t want to start SweetZ’s (or mine, for that matter) day off with a sugar rush. So off we went.

Sisters and brothers, I’ve gotta tell ya, this little concoction is seriously delish. Seriously. If you’re looking for a sugar-free (and gluten-free, I think) treat that doesn’t wimp out in the Totally Decadent category, you’ve gotta give this one a shot.

Here’s whatchya need:

3-4 frozen bananas
2(ish) Tablespoons peanut butter (the kind that’s JUST peanuts – no sugar)
1(ish) Tablespoon pure cocoa powder

The (ish) in the ingredient list is my way of saying I didn’t really measure – I just added to taste. This is what I think I used. 🙂  If you’re the kind of person who likes exact measurements, click on the link above – the instructions there are a little more precise.

Here’s what you’re going to do:

Peel the bananas. Can be a little tricky, ’cause they’re frozen, but I’ve got a trick. Run them under some warm water, pop the stem end off, then take a butter knife and peel them like you would a potato. Works like a charm.

Put the frozen ‘nanners in a blender; blend until grainy. Add the peanut butter and cocoa, and blend, blend, blend until creamy smooth. You’ll have to be a little patient, and stop a lot to scrape the sides, but it’s totally worth it, trust me.

Once it’s smooth, it’s ready to eat – or, if you like hard ice cream better, freeze it in a container and come back later after it’s hardened. Your choice.

I’m soooo stoked to try out variations of this recipe – I think strawberries and almond butter will be on tap soon.


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