Kid-isms: @$$-Cream

In my experience, every kid goes through a phase where, as they’re developing their vocabulary, they create variations of words until they’re either able to pronounce them or use them correctly. This usually results in ridiculously adorable kid-isms. Some of the favorites in our house have been cottie-mook (WillyJ’s toddler version of chocolate milk) and bo-bah (what VV Mike always called his brother; it’s a term we still use around here).

But SweetZ’s interpretation of ice cream leaves Thomas and I giggling every time. We’re real mature like that.

Let me set the scene:

The Shafer clan descends on Jason’s Deli. (When you have a family of six or larger, you don’t simply go to a restaurant – you descend on it, like the Persians descended on the Greeks in the battle of Thermopylae. Only with less bloodshed. And, if your luck holds, a somewhat happier outcome.) Jason’s is a family favorite – everybody can find something they like, and the kids adore the free ice-cream at the end.

Free ice-cream

Ice cream.

Or, as SweetZ so innocently calls it,


Here’s how the convo goes:

ME: Kiddos, get your shoes on! We’re going to Jason’s.

KIDS: Jason’s! Jason’s! (running in circles around the house) Jason’s!

ME: Get your shoes on, or Dad and I will go without you.

The kids fall silent as they sprint to put their shoes on. SweetZ comes tromping into the kitchen, socks on her hands, shoes on the wrong feet.

SWEETZ: All ready mom!

ME: No, you’re not. Take off your shoes and put your socks on your feet.

SWEETZ: Okay. (sits and pulls off her socks.) I’m going to have @$$-cream.

ME: (trying not to snicker) You are?

SWEETZ: (Pulling her last sock on) Yeah. I love @$$-cream. It’s dewicious. (another adorable kid-ism) Are you going to have @$$-cream?

ME: Not this time.

SWEETZ: Why not? Don’t you like @$$-cream?

HUBSTER: (walks into the kitchen) Ready to go?

SWEETZ: Dad, Mom doesn’t want any @$$-cream.

HUBSTER: (chuckling) She doesn’t?

SWEETZ: No. She doesn’t like @$$-cream.

ME: Not true! I love ice-cream. I just don’t eat ice cream.

SWEETZ: I love @$$-cream, too. Especially Jason’s @$$-cream. Jason’s @$$-cream is DEWICIOUS!


Do your kids have any funny kid-isms? Or maybe you had some of your own when you were little? I don’t remember any of my own, but my sister used to call pine-cones cone-pines. We’ve never let her live that down…and I suspect that when SweetZ’s all grown up, we’ll still be teasing her about Jason’s very dewicious @$$-cream.




9 thoughts on “Kid-isms: @$$-Cream

  1. K.B. Owen says:

    A riot! That’s so adorable. I remember my oldest (now 19, yikes) used to LOVE trucks when he was a toddler. Toy trucks, real trucks, you name it. Whenever we’d take a walk, go for a car ride, whatever, he’d be on Truck Patrol. When he spotted one, he’d scream: “FRUCK! FRUCK!”

    People around us often didn’t hear the “R”, LOL. I got some looks, as you might imagine. Bad mommy! 😀

  2. jen says:

    When my Riley was 2-ish, he is 5 now, he was told to stop sucking his thumb. Well, he could not pronounce all his letter sounds well so when asked, “What did Daddy tell you?” He would innocently say “Don’t f@&* my fumb.” Which I would giggle and make him repeat in front of my friends!! Immature of me I know–but sooooo funny!!!

  3. hmcmullin says:

    When my cousin was about 4, his attempts at “tr” all came out as “f.” One 4th of July we were with him and his folks at a parade, standing on a very crowded corner. My cousin saw the fire trucks coming down the street, pointed and yelled “here come the fire…” that was as far as the poor kid got because 4 adults tried to suffocate him.

  4. Sherry Isaac says:

    Too cute! I could forever embarra$$ number two son by cyber-sharing his personalized 3yo lyrics to Achy Breaky Heart, but he’s a lot bigger now, and he knows where I live! LOL

  5. missy says:

    Myndi~You totally forgot Willy’s version of Daffy Duck! Seriously – has to be one of my all time favorite memories of him as a little guy!

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