Making It Happen: Slow and steady, blah, blah, blah…

My actual pace tends to be much slower than I think it ought to be. Which means, much of the time, I operate (1) under a lot of self-induced stress, and (2) under a boat-load of ill-gotten guilt.

Such has been the case with The Darkening.

I really, really thought I’d have it done by now. I had visions of me, this holiday season, not (as I had the past three years) working in every spare moment I could find, but rather, baking holiday goodies until my @$$ grew from sea to shining sea, and then crafting my newly acquired @$$ off.

‘Twas not to be.

That’s okay, though. Because The Darkening, while coming along at the pace of the oh-so-notorious tortoise, is indeed, coming along. I’m working hard, it’s shaping up, and – most importantly –

I like it.

While you wait ever so patiently as I whittle away at Shrilugh‘s sequel, I thought it might be fun to re-start the whole underwear drawer game. You vote on a character, I go panty-diving. Sound good? Great.

Your choices for next week are as follows:

The Seamstress or the Stableman

Vote below! And, if you’re not opposed to spoilers, have a visit to my Pinterest board, The Darkening. If you are opposed to spoilers, don’t go there. Instead, have a look at Shrilugh or Shrilugh, As You See It. Or, go to GoodReads and start a discussion about Shrilugh. Because, honestly-really-really-really-truly, that would make my day. For realsies.

Big love,

Myndi (ps don’t forget to vote!)


13 thoughts on “Making It Happen: Slow and steady, blah, blah, blah…

  1. Jennifer Lewis Oliver says:

    Don’t stress yourself over the pace of how it’s coming together. Remember that saying? Good things come to those who wait!! lol!
    The important thing is that you are taking your time to make it the best it can be and we readers will love you for it. I don’t mind waiting for a book that I know it going to be worth it, and that’s the case here.
    As for voting – that was a tough one, Myndi. 🙂

  2. Anne says:

    I have keep my excitement about the Darkening under my hat mostly because if I were you and everyone was anticipating an awesome book from me AND I had a tight deadline my head would EXPLODE. Or i would hide and never do it 😉 And i totally agree with Ginger!

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