Thank You Jillian Dodd!

jillIt’s a surprise party!

Earlier this month I joined a group of 98 other authors, led by the fabulous Jillian Dodd, to promote our books for the holiday season. Jillian, with her amazing leadership, was able to pull together an event that caught the attention of hundreds of bloggers, and the mysterious giant named Amazon, and by the end of the promo, many of the authors were in the top 100 in the Kindle store, while lots more were having the best sales of their careers.

Here’s the thing about Jillian, though. She’s not just a fabulous leader. She’s also an amazing writer, with some ridiculously good YA fiction out there.

I really hope you’ll check out her newest books – a series called the Keatyn Chronicles (linked below) – and maybe pick up a title or two. Or, if you’re not in the market for new books this second, maybe take a moment to head to her Facebook page (click here) and give her a like. Trust me, she’s likable.

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