THE DARKENING is finished (here, have a snippet).

Big news, y’all – we’re just a little more than a month away from The Darkening‘s release date! Are you very, very excited??

To celebrate the fact that it’s finished and in the hands of my beta-readers, I’m giving you a little snippet – something to read and chew on while you wait for the not-so-distant February 28 to get here.

When you’ve finished reading the snippet, head over to my brand-spanking new Pinterest board The Darkening – As You See It. Like the board Shrilugh – As You See It, the images there are put up from my beta-readers (and after The Darkening is released, you can pin there, too). BE WARNED, though – there might be spoilers there. If you’re anti-spoiler, then you’ll be way better off sticking with the Shrilugh boards. *grin*

Okay, now – read.

Big love,


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10 thoughts on “THE DARKENING is finished (here, have a snippet).

  1. Ginger Calem says:

    So very excited that Darkening will ‘see the light’ very soon. 🙂 The snippet is great, enticing and so in Ayden’s head!! I’m right there with her.

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