A Conversation With Angela Brown

angelaToday I’m tickled pink to introduce you to Angela Brown, author of the 5-star rated Neverlove. She’s agreed to let me interview her, which kind-of makes my day because that means I get to put on my bossy-pants and ask all the questions.

(In case you’re wondering, my bossy-pants are actually green plaid pants I picked up from the local Goodwill. They’re a little too short for me, but I rock ‘em like nobody’s business.)

ANGELA: Rock those pants, honey!

MYNDI: You know I do! Alright. Time for some hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners questions. What word best describes you in each of these categories? Looks, cooks, and books.

ANGELA: Looks: Jolly; Cooks: Like she could probably use a cookbook. Seriously, where is Rachel Ray when a busy girl needs a 10 minute 5 course meal? Books: I’m a PUFF girl. That would be a Paranormal Urban Fantasy Fun reader. I do love to read things that give me that extra kick for my imagination.

Was I really only supposed to use one word? LOL! I’m sorry!

MYNDI: OHMYGOSH, I’m laughing so hard. Mostly because I knew asking for a one-word answer from a writer was doomed. We can’t help ourselves. We dig words.

So, Puff-girl, does that play into your writing? Neverlove is on my To Be Read list, but I haven’t dove into it yet. Would you consider it Puff-worthy?

ANGELA: Neverlove is definitely PUFF-worthy. You’ve got a Devourer who loves to make deals. No…don’t make one because you won’t like it. Seriously lol!! You’ve got Cleansers and Harvestors who battle over lost souls in an afterlife realm called the Withers. And lets not forget their abilities. YEAH!


Angela Brown’s NEVERLOVE

MYNDI: Whoa. Slow down, girlie-pie! Give us some definitions before our brains explode.

ANGELA: Sorry about that. I get so excited when I talk about Neverlove, LOL! A Devourer is a total bad guy that resides in hell. A Cleanser is an agent of heaven that fights to ensure lost souls reach The Gates for whatever judgement lies in store for them. A Harvestor is an agent of the Devourer that seeks lost souls to feed the Devourer’s craving. Withers is referred to as a form of purgatory.

MYNDI: Oh, wow! I love how those definitions give us a really good grasp for the premise of Neverlove. Which leads me to my next question: what kind of characters do you have the most fun writing – Evil Villains, or Heroic Overcomers? Do you have a particular character you’re most fond of?

ANGELA: I don’t know if it says anything about me (tehe!) but I find writing the Evil Villain and their incessant one-liners to be kind-of fun. However, I’m most fond of the Heroic Overcomer because I truly identify with them more.

MYNDI: Oh, I’m with you. I love writing a good villain. But I also enjoy writing his or her comeuppance.

Alright – ethical dilemma time. You’ve just been told by the Powers That Be that you’ve been chosen to receive a MASSIVE super-power of your choosing. The only condition is that in order to accept this gift you must agree to destroy one major world monument. My questions are: (a) Would you agree to the terms? (b) If so, what super-power would you choose, and (c) Which major world monument would you destroy?

ANGELA: Well, honestly, I don’t think I’d want to take on the responsibility of having a super-power. Considering that with great power comes great responsibility, I’m just fine with the sometimes overwhelming responsibility that comes with simply being a parent. Think about it…you – parentus overus childus – have the ability to lead, shape, and guide a little person or little people to become productive members of society, to help form the way they see the world, speak to others, and interact with the world around them. That’s a lot of power in and of itself.

MYNDI: Absolutely true. I’ve got four of my own, so I totally know where you’re coming from. That said, I’m totally feeling a little embarrassed that you took the high road, ‘cause if someone asked me that question, I’d be all like, “Gimme x-ray vision and I’ll hire Laser Bob over there to melt the Eiffel Tower.” I wouldn’t even think about it for a second. Then I’d hop on the first plane to wherever Hugh Jackman is and spend the next two weeks staring, staring, staring.

See? Embarrassing.

Okay, last thing and then I’ll stop pestering (ahem), I mean, interviewing you.

Compose for us, my dear, a haiku about (drum roll, please) SNOWFLAKES.

ANGELA: You are too much Myndi! LOL! Although you can count me in on the staring of Hugh Jackman in all his….man-ness.

Now about this haiku…uh…that’s 3-5-7 – no, uh…3-7-3 no, uhhh…5-7-5. Yeah. There it is. Okay.


Unique, Cold, Beauty

Stacked just right, you make a man

Snowflakes, we love you

Ta da!

MYNDI: LOVE IT, Angela! Thanks so much for humoring me. Can you fill us in on where to find your awesomesauce book?

ANGELA: You’re welcome. As for where to find Neverlove, you or any interested reader can check out its paranormal slap-a-pow at this link:


MYNDI: Fabulous. Do you have a blog where readers can stalk you?

ANGELA: Yeppers. They can follow – erm, stalk is so…strong and slightly creepy LOL!!! – and comment here:


And if they’re really interested in stalking  my whole life – which I’m sad to say is kind of boring except for when I’m tweeting positive or tweeting a toot of awesome quote fabulous – they can join me on Twitter:


MYNDI: Very cool. Thanks for popping in Angela!

ANGELA: My pleasure.


Make sure you head over to Amazon today and snag Neverlove for FREE! That’s right – it’s free today! And really, there’s not a much in this ol’ world that’s better than a good, free book! Go get it!


12 thoughts on “A Conversation With Angela Brown

  1. Ginger Calem says:

    What a SUPER fun interview. Angela, your picture just makes me smile right back at you and I want in on the laugh! 🙂 Your book sounds amazing and I look forward to checking it out.

  2. Gwen Gardner says:

    Hugh Jackman *drools like Homer Simpson* This was so fun Myndi and Angela. I probably would have been blowing up the Eiffel Tower with Myndi. I would so love to have an invisibility cloak 🙂

  3. angelapeart says:

    Absolutely fantastic interview, you two! I’m still chuckling. Can I borrow the PUFF abbreviation, Angela?

    As for destroying one major world monument… nah, I would have a hart time doing that. But I would definitely welcome a superpower or two 🙂

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