QUEEN done right.

Seriously. You can’t watch this and not grin. Well, I suppose you could, but you and I can’t be friends anymore if that’s the case. I’m not really worried about that, though, because y’all are some of the coolest folk I know.


9 thoughts on “QUEEN done right.

  1. TeacherWriter says:

    Myndi! Your kids have such fabulous harmony! They sound just like…Queen! Your conductor daughter can really hit the high notes. Love the straight and serious one in the front seat…she’s like Ringo Starr. The littlest one in the carseat has it going on! Party on!

  2. Samantha Warren says:

    That’s some epic family bonding right there! Those kids know the words better than I do. I’d be surprised if they didn’t end up on a talk show sooner or later (Ellen, if you’re reading this, they’ll put the little tutu girls to shame!)

  3. Tami Clayton says:

    This is my 12 y.o.’s fave song and we’ve sung it on many a car trip. This was so fun to watch. I especially loved the little guy in the back singing at the end. Thanks for sharing this!

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