AUTHOR CHAT: Myndi Talks to Gwen Gardner

myndi talks to swenI’m tickled pink to introduce you to Gwen Gardner, author of the highly-rated Young Adult novel, Giving Up the Ghost. She’s ever-so-sweetly agreed to hang out here today, answering my nosy-nosy questions and letting me play bossy host.

ME: Alright. Question Number One isn’t really a question, Miss Gwen, but stay with me.

Best song of all time….annnnnnnd, GO!

GWEN: Sweet Child, Guns n Roses!

ME: Ah, the 80’s! Did you majorly crush on Axl? If so, are you still crushing on Axl? Is Axl’s name tattooed anywhere on your body? If you say Axl’s name seven times fast will he magically appear in your living room?

GWEN: Lol! No tats yet. I’m sorta still crushing on Axl, you know, because of that bad-boy image. Not that I like bad boys anymore. No. Bad boys are bad for you!

ME: *grin* Bad boys are great in theory, but in real life I’ve always been drawn to the good guys. I like a gentleman with an ornery side. No Christian Grey for me.

Tell me a little about your book – it’s YA paranormal, right? Any budding romance in it?

GWEN: Yes, it’s YA paranormal cozy mystery with a touch of romance. Like you said, a budding romance. But the main characters have too much on their plates to actually get involved, even though they’re very attracted to each other and have shared a few kisses. His father was just murdered, and, unknown to everyone but her, so was her father.

ME: Yikes! Murdered ‘rents have a way of putting the kabosh on romance…

Tell me about your main characters – there’s a him and a her. What are they like? Popular jocks? Social outcasts? Bad-boy with a heart of gold? *wink*

GWEN: Indigo Eady is the main character. She’s sixteen and a ghost-whispering psychic who also – although not on purpose – does psychometry (i.e, she can read the energy of an object, often with dire consequences). For instance, she can pick up someone’s beer mug and read the energy. If that person is drunk, she becomes drunk – and she’s never had an alcoholic beverage in her life. She once had to be escorted home by her love interest, Badger. Trust me, she completely embarrassed herself.

Badger is well built with curly brown hairs and brown eyes to get lost in. His father has disappeared and he helps his mom run the family pub called the Blind Badger. He’s attracted to Indigo and cares more than he lets on. But he has huge responsibilities and Indigo – well, she’s sort of a hot mess, always getting into scrapes when her psychic abilities short-circuit. And that time she got drunk (even though she’d never had a drink) and threw up all over his shoes…well, that was not so cool.

ME: Oh my gosh, Gwen, you totally have me sold. I love the idea of a person becoming what they see in an object. Kinda pissed I didn’t think of that myself! How have I not read this book yet?!?

Okay, quick, give me links where readers can purchase.


Givin’ Up The Ghost (An Indigo Eady Paranormal Mystery) modern day medieval village teeming with spirit activity is no place for sixteen-year-old psychic and ghost whisperer Indigo Eady. Not when all she wants is to forget about these supposed gifts. After all, when needed most, it didn’t help save her father. After her father’s death,…

ME: Perfect. Now, do this:

Pick a word that best describes you for each of these categories:


GWEN: SHOES: #tenniegirl, BOOZE: #absolutely, SNOOZE: #napsRgood

ME: #napsRgood may be the best hashtag on the planet. Pair that sucker with #momneedswine and I think we’ve got the start to a good thing. Are you a regular napper?

GWEN: Haha! I’m not a regular napper, but since I work at home, yeah, every once in awhile I curl up, turn on the tv for background noise and have a little midafternoon snooze.

ME: Lovely! I’m not a regular napper, either, but sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered.

I think on this note we’ll end with your final task:

Compose for us a haiku about….



Ah, to dream to dream

Of fantastical kingdoms

One must napalot

Thanks so much, Myndi, this was fun.

ME: You betchya, Gwen. Thanks for popping in!


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