readanebookweekIt’s READ AN EBOOK WEEK!

And I’m super-psyched to be taking part.

Today through the 8th of March, both of my books will be on sale at Smashwords! Shrilugh will be FREE (yes, I said FREE), and The Darkening will be discounted to $2.00!

Have you ever downloaded books from Smashwords before? If not, you should. They have a vast library, and ALL their ebooks are ready to go in EVERY SINGLE EREADER FORMAT OUT THERE. It’s fabulous. And once you’ve purchased the book, you can download it in any format you like, as many times as you like. For instance, I have books both on my Kindle app on my computer, and also on my Nook. It’s fabulous. (Have I mentioned yet that it’s fabulous? Because it totally is.)

So don’t be afraid to buy from Smashwords just because it’s not Amazon or Barnes & Noble or iTunes (all of which, BTW, partner with Smashwords)! They’re a great resource for finding eBooks, and they are definitely a good friend to indie-pubs like myself.

Okay. Now that you’re totally sold on Smashwords and my books, here’s how to take advantage:

Follow the links below to get to the Smashwords pages for Shrilugh and The Darkening. Take note of the coupon code listed there. Click ‘Add to cart’. Enter coupon code. Click on ‘checkout’. Voila! You now own your book. Scroll down to see the different formats, and pick the one(s) that’s right for you.

Link to get Shrilugh for FREE!

Link to get The Darkening for only TWO BUCKS!

What are you still doing here? Go get your copies of Shrilugh and The Darkening. And if you already own copies, this is a FANTASTIC time to give some away as gifts. Remember – Shrilugh is FREE! Talk about easy gift-giving! Not that you need it, but you totally have my permission to gift to anybody and everybody you know, willy-nilly.


I hope your Sunday is particularly fabulous.

Big, Giant, Mega-love,



6 thoughts on “SHRILUGH – FREE! THE DARKENING – $2!

  1. Kassandra Lamb says:

    Oh, goody! I’m gonna go get a copy of The Darkening. Congrats on your launch, Myndi! Sorry I haven’t been around much this weekend to help celebrate with you. (Been slogging through my records trying to do my taxes. Ugh!)

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