Giant Plot Holes, Missing Characters, Rough Draft, OH MY!

Making It HappenI’ve officially begun editing Book Three of the Shrilugh Saga in earnest.

I wrote the rough draft about two years ago – that, and the rough draft for Book Four – and I wrote them in a hurry. I knew we’d be moving soon, and I wanted to get the story down on paper while it was vivid in my head. It was after I wrote those two that I went back and spit-n-polished Shrilugh and The Darkening. So, basically, a lot of time has passed, and I’ve learned a ton in the process.

Now, looking at this rough draft, all I can say is,

WOOF.Β I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Major plot holes? Got ’em. Predominant characters from books one and two that are nowhere to be seen in books three and four? Yep, sounds about right. Could Fruition prove to be the Rough Draft From Hell?

What do you mean, Ion didn’t exist when you wrote the rough draft of book three?

Quite possibly.

It’s alright, though. I love this story, and love these characters, so I’m determined. Even if it means I have to grab the nearest club and beat this manuscript into submission.

What can I promise you about Fruition? I can promise unexpected villains. I can promise a return to Calista Fulbert’s story. I can promise some steamy scenes with Brig. I can promise more Archethenian mythology. I can promise unexpected twists and turns.

…it’s just theΒ when that I can’t make any promises about. I’m hoping for a release date before the end of the year…I’ll do my darndest to make it happen…

…but I can’t promise it.

What IΒ can do, however, is give you this: My inspiration board for Fruition on Pinterest. Lots of good images that show you where my head is at while I’m at work.

And, I can give you this. It’s anthem for Brig of sorts. The powerful repeating of “I will hold on hope,” always speaks to me of him. Because with whatever it is Brig is becoming, hope is his anchor.


16 thoughts on “Giant Plot Holes, Missing Characters, Rough Draft, OH MY!

  1. Melinda VanLone says:

    Kudos to you for sketching it out before the move! It’s a lot less work than now trying to figure out where you thought you were going after all this time. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment πŸ™‚ And I LOVE Ion, he’s gotta stay!

  2. Jennifer Lewis Oliver says:

    I do so know the feeling, Myndi! I first starting writing my novel two years ago. I just sat down and wrote. No outline, no notes, nothing. Just writing whatever came into my head. Total pantser!
    However, while I was writing I was also studying the craft and using my brain like a sponge!
    Plot holes? Oh yeah. That original draft had more holes than a colander! LOL!
    I didn’t really have missing characters, but I had characters that I didn’t understand just yet. One of which was my main character. She’s changed a bunch since the beginning, but trust me, it was for the best. πŸ˜‰
    I learned so much about writing in that first year that I eventually stopped smack in the middle of the first draft and started over. I was able to salvage most of what I had written, thankfully, but it eventually turned out to be a short story prelude and a novel that is running into a series. All that from one small idea two years ago! lol!

    And by the way, Shrilugh and The Darkening are so good – how can I NOT wait for the third? So, you just do that magic you do and don’t you worry about how long it takes. πŸ™‚

  3. Kecia Adams says:

    I am so there, Myndi! The wrestling of a book into readable shape is an under appreciated skill. Loved the pin board. I am going to break down and join Pinterest! πŸ™‚

  4. Karen Rought says:

    Ah, you found my weakness: GIFs of Cas. Love him!

    I was pantsing my way through a novel and decided halfway through to cut two characters. I know when I go back it’s going to be a pain to take them out of the first half of the book. Although, probably much easier than inserting some characters.

    Hang in there!!

  5. Bekah says:

    From a readers perspective…. feel no pressure! Just take your time and do what you do so well. I know that whenever you get it done, it will be totally worth the wait! Hang in there!!

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