Secret (and awkward) Dreams


Okay, alright.

I confess.

I love Dancing with the Stars.

I love all the sparkly. I love all the music. I love how Carrie always seems to be a few sheets to the wind. I love Mr. Cranky-Pants Len and the ever-loud Bruno. I love it all.

Not only do I LOVE Dancing with the Stars, but I wish (OH HOW I WISH I WISH I WISH) that I could be on Dancing with the Stars.

There are a couple of issues with that little dream of mine, the biggest being fairly obvious: It’s called Dancing with the STARSnot Dancing with STAY AT HOME MOMS WHO ALSO HAPPEN TO BE OBSCURE AUTHORS.


It’s really a shame, though. Because I’m pretty sure I’d walk away with that fabulous shiny mirror ball trophy, and my dancing partner (Tony Dovolani, of course!) would turn out to be the brother I never had, and our families would take vacations together.

*double sigh*

While I know I probably have a better chance of sprouting a third eye that can see straight into people’s souls, it’s still a fun little dream to have. Kindof like how when I was a kid I wanted to jump horses off platforms just like that girl in Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. Never gonna happen, but fun to think about while I fall asleep at night.


Now it’s your turn to confess – what’s your secret awkward dream?


12 thoughts on “Secret (and awkward) Dreams

  1. TeacherWriter says:

    I don’t know, Myndi. I believe there is a show called Dancing with STAY AT HOME MOMS WHO ALSO HAPPEN TO BE OBSCURE AUTHORS. But you wouldn’t be able to go on that one either, because you’re a FAMOUS AUTHOR WHO CAN ALSO DANCE. So we’ll have to start a new show. My secret fantasy? To be a stay at home mom who makes plenty of money from writing best selling novels. 🙂

  2. jansenschmidt says:

    I wanna be on Dancing With the Stars Too, or American Idol, except I don’t think I’d want the career that follows the winner of that show. That would be too demanding on a woman my age.

    Love the dream though. And you and I could not be on the same season because I’m pretty sure I’d walk away the winner. Derek Hough would be my partner and he always wins.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  3. Kecia Adams says:

    Ok my secret awkward fantasy was always to be a figure skater. And not just any figure skater, I’ve always wanted to be Miss Peggy Fleming. You know that very one season show that was like dancing with the stars only figure skating? Yeah, that was right up my alley. My secret fantasy shiw show: SKATING WITH THE VERY OBSCURE AUTHOR STAY AT HOME MOMS AND MISS PEGGY FLEMING 🙂

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