It’s time for another Pinterestalooza! Today I’m going to show you images I love from two of my boards, Characters Not Yet Writtenand Can’t Look Away.


This board is dedicated to images that make me take a second look, that speak to my heart about untold stories.

*Two men. On the moon. Drinking beer. (If those three simple sentences don’t entice you to click that link, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.)

*Sue and Anne stopping in the middle of their tennis match for a smoke.

*Are they freckles or specks of gold? Whoever she is, she is a goddess.

*Who is he gazing at with such intense disapproval? Why?

*Suspenders, pancake hats, and shaggy hair. And swagger. Lots of swagger.


This board is all about images that stop me in my tracks. I’m especially fond of photographs that show people in motion.

*Three girls, hanging out in a kitchen. Are they sisters?

*Extreme sports…before there was such a thing as extreme sports.

*Pure mirth.

*Eerie motion.

*What are they running from?

***   **   ***   **   ***

Do images touch you, stop you in your tracks and make you think? What are your faves and why? Post links in the comments! And be sure to check out the Featured Indie Author in my sidebar!

Big love,



2 thoughts on “PINTERESTALOOZA: Images I Love

  1. Suzanne Lilly (@suzannelilly) says:

    I’m happy to discover we can still be friends. I HAD to click on the link to the two men on the moon drinking beer. AND I repinned it. AND I followed your pins. (How did I not do that sooner?) I must have been at the next soundstage over, on Venus, drinking wine with my friends.

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