Making it Happen: A new website, and a Pinterest party (and a chance to WIN)!

Making It HappenCheck this out. It’s brand-spanking-new! The Shrilugh Saga has it’s very own home now, at I know you’re DYING to go have a look, but wait a second! DON’T GO YET! I have other stuff to tell you about first! Want to win a signed page from my rough draft of Shrilugh? I thought so! Here’s how to do it: 6666666 I’ll draw three winners from the names (oh my gosh, I hope more than three of you participate! *grin*) and let you know next week who won. Sounds like fun, right? Okay, NOW you can go. (p.s. work on book three is coming along…slowly. Better slow than not at all, right?)


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