I can finally reveal the title of the book I’m working on! The story I’ve been referring to as ‘Salt Mine’ will be called Hanna, Hanna, One-and-Two. (The graphic above isn’t the cover – I’m still kicking around ideas right now.) It is a sci-fi-ish novel with romantic elements. These next few months leading up to its release I’ll begin introducing you to the characters that make up this story. You guys, I’m so excited about this book, and I really, really hope you’ll fall in love with it the way I have.

For those of you holding your hands out and saying What about Rein and Aydan and Brig??? Never fear. Working on Hanna, Hanna, One-and-Two has dislodged some of the cogs in my brain that had gotten stuck. I am so eager to dive back into the worlds of the Shrilugh Saga, and finish that story.

In the meantime, check out my inspiration boards for Hanna, Hanna, One-and-Two, OR, if you haven’t already, like my FaceBook page so we can hang out there.

Have a fantastic Monday, young ‘uns.



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