Funny Crap in the Comments Section

I gotta be honest with you. This blog post is really nothing more than a shameless waste of time. What can I say – sometimes my blogging well dries up and you, dear reader, are left with uninspired posts that go something like Ha-Ha Shiza from the Comments Section in Various News Articles (okay, so most of this junk doesn’t qualify as news. Let’s go with Ha-Ha Shiza from the Comments Section of the Insipid – Yet Addicting – Drivel That Yahoo Manages to Post on Their ‘News’ Website).

Whatever. Every post can’t be a home run. If you take off right now I’ll totally understand.

The following quotes are from articles I was reading while trying to be a well-informed citizen of the world (read: I was procrastinating writing this blog post by reading celebrity gossip and fluff pieces about not-real canned food). They are all taken from the comments section, because let’s face it:

The comments section is where it’s at, folks.

(FYI, the images are links. You know, in case you’re bored and you actually care about the junk that I wasted my Thursday afternoon on.)

(1) Ashton Kutcher is in a new movie about Steve Jobs. This guy was underwhelmed by the idea of going to see it.

holographic meatloaf

(2) Oprah went to a party with Stedman, this dude she’s been with since man evolved out of primordial goo. This gal wants to know what’s up with her hair. 


(3) Rihanna’s choice of a zebra-esque dress seriously offended this celebrity-gossip reading zebra. 

as a zebra

(4) Kanye West got booed at a baseball game. This guy was filled with self-loathing for reading the article. Don’t judge. You know you read the article, too.

how bored was I

(6) An article about a twelve-course meal in a a can. For this commenter, food touching = dinner time disaster. Segregate that plate!


(7) Laura Prepon is leaving Orange Is the New Black? So soon? AND she’s a Scientologist? 


Alright. That’s it, kids. The best I could do for today. Maybe try coming back next week and I’ll have something worth reading.

Ciao and all that crap,



6 thoughts on “Funny Crap in the Comments Section

  1. Katherine Owen - Novelist says:

    This was a great post. You inspire me to try harder at blogging about nothing? That didn’t come out right. The little things. The little innocuous entertaining things that rivet us all in some way. Thank you for that. Awesome post!
    xo KO

  2. jansenschmidt says:

    I guess I should start reading the comments sections. I just usually scroll through the article, because, like you, I want to be informed about how the other half lives.

    Good stuff out there.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  3. Lena Corazon says:

    Oh Myndi, this is a brilliant idea for a blog post. I admit I spend way too much time reading comments, though only on sites where I know commenters are witty and clever, not cruel and utterly idiotic. Hilarious, and I LOVE the graphics. 😀

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