Thrifty Tuesday: Setting Up Shop

Sometimes Tuesdays can be just as thrift as Thursdays. Lookit:

Untitled 9

We recently converted our basement into an office for me. Before, my desk was in our bedroom, which was a problematic because I love to nap, and we have the world’s most comfortable bed, and even though I’d try and try and try to ignore its siren song…

it would inevitably win.

So, down to the basement I went, which is great for more than one reason. Obviously, no bed; less chance at napping (although, the ancient sofa we have down here has a siren song of its own. Not as seductive or powerful as our bed’s, but still…). There are toys to occupy the Took for when I need to work and she’s not napping (what is it with littles and their ability to shrug off naptime like a duck shrugs off water?). And there are walls. Blank walls that want, SO BADLY to become a part of my writing process.

The main wall is soon to be painted with chalkboard paint to aid in just that (a place to plot, yes?), but my little desk nook needed something else. Something sort-of pretty. So when I stumbled on these bad-boys, I was elated! Aren’t they just perfect? Thrifty Momma for the win!

Have you been feeling thrifty lately? Any fantastic finds that brightened your life a little? Do you thrift when decorating? Do share!


p.s. Do you see the little bookmark in the pic? It’s made from a page of the rough draft of RECKONING, the third book of the Shrilugh Saga. If you comment here, you’ll have a chance to win that sucker. What are you waiting for?


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