what i am not doingIn just about a month, BAM! 

Summer will be here.

The kids will be out of school, the pools will open again, bedtimes will be extended (or forgone completely), and we will bask – oh how we will bask! – in the rays of a summer sun that remembers how to be warm (looking at you winter sun. Seriously. You could have dialed the chill back a notch or two this winter).

Every summer each and every one of us has a list of things we look forward to doing: reading more, soaking up as much vitamin D as humanly possible, vacations, stay-away camp, star-gazing, blah, blah, blah. Don’t get me wrong – I look forward to that stuff as much as the next gal. But today I want to talk about something different. Today, I want to talk about what I won’t be doing this summer. As in Myndi’s Top Ten List of Not Gonna Do It This Summer

10. I am not going to have a bikini body. And I am NOT going to berate and hate myself for that.

09. I am not going to miss out on a single day of sunshine. I may work inside, but I will not confine myself to my writer’s cave while summer’s days pass by.

08. I am not going to schedule every single living minute of my kids’ time. They are going to be given the gift of childhood ingenuity – the kind that is born from the privilege of boredom. They are going to experience the luxury of long hours of daylight that are begging to be filled up with their own ideas and their own imaginings – not the constant shuttling from one event and practice to the next. They will get to be, simply, kids.

07. I am not going to freak when the kids come inside after a hard day of play, grubby and dirty with ruined clothes. These are the casualties to #8, and a price I am willing to pay.

06. I am not going to, when cherry season arrives, feel guilty for splurging on this expensive treat.

05. I am not going to potty train Alice this summer. If she potty trains herself, that’s another thing.

04. I am not going to panic if I go more than two days without shaving my legs.

03. I am not going to allow my introverted tendencies get in the way of enjoying my friendships.

02. I am not going to be ashamed of forgetting to brush my hair or for skipping makeup or for being perpetually barefoot.

And the #1 thing I am NOT going to do this summer:

01. I am not going to let those three months slip by without grabbing ahold of a couple stolen moments each day. Moments with my kids, with the Hubster, with myself that I can tuck into the folds of my heart and savor when the days return to their shorter, colder selves. 

What kind of things are you not going to do this summer?




15 thoughts on “NOT GONNA DO IT

  1. Katrina says:

    Great post Myndi!!!!

    I am not going to let the fact that there isn’t money in the to fix up certain things in our home stop or newfound introvert tendency to keep us from practicing the gift of hospitality.

  2. Angela Brown says:

    I love your list of things you not gonna do for the summer. As for myself, I’m not gonna have a bikini body either, but won’t let that stop me from enjoying the summer sun and fun.

    • Fantasy For the Rest of Us. says:

      EXACTLY. There is something so carefree and lovely about enjoying the feel of air and sunshine on your skin. When we lived in Hawaii I lost so much of my self-consciousness from being in little more than a bathing suit day by day, but moving back to the midwest has done a number on that feeling of confidence. This year I will be reverting back to my Hawaiian self. 😉

  3. ianmathie says:

    A good list. My version of it is:

    10. I’m not going to try for a bikini body either – well it would look pretty silly on a 6’4″ man, wouldn’t it! I’m not going to try for Mr Muscles either, as I’m built like a racing snake!

    9.I’ll give the sunshine a pass as the doc has forbidden me to sit in the sun. But I will take my laptop out to the garden table and work under the sunshade. I’ll not miss out on the balmy fresh air – unless we get a truly English summer and it’s cold and wet.

    8. Let the kids get on with their own things. At 35+ all of them should be capable enough by now, but equally I’m not going to be permanently on tap got granddad duties. They can come to me when it suits me.

    7. What’s to freak about with a little mud on the floor? We have a mop and the floor is washable. On top of that, if the kids don’t get mucky, I’ll wonder what’s wrong with them. A waste of time worrying.

    6. You get fresh cherries? Wow! Lucky you. Eat some for me!

    5. The kids can potty train their own offspring – not my job!

    4. Shaving my legs would equate to No.10 above. I can’t be bothered to look silly and then feel uncomfortable as my pelt grows back.

    3. Introverted tendencies – what are they? I’m too gregarious to bother finding out.

    2. I agree completely with your sentiment.

    1. I’m going to steal the whole three months, not just a couple of moments each day. You reach a stage in life when you realise that if you don’t do some things right now you probably never will. I don’t intend to miss out.

    Have a good summer everyone!

  4. Larissa says:

    Hmm, my vow for this summer WAS to make sure the kids have fun, ie: sighing them up for story time at the library, gymanstics and so on. Then I decided, lets let the planning rest a bit. NO SUMMER classes, nothing that we HAVE to do! I want to be free to pick up and do whatever it is their minds can come up with. We have been so cooped up this winter, I vow to enjoy the warmth as much as possible and just let the kids be kids!

  5. Rachel Funk Heller says:

    What a great list! I think letting your kids get bored and making them figure out what to do to entertain themselves is HUGE! It will help expand those young fresh brains and who knows what kind of fun they will have.

  6. Jess Witkins says:

    I love this list. I make a to do list each summer with plans to get to the beach more, read more, write more outside, go for a bike ride, go hiking more. I never seem to fit all of it in. I blame bugs. Bugs will move me inside very quickly. I do not do bugs. LOL

    But this summer, I will try my best not to let bugs interfere with my summer plans. 🙂

    • Fantasy For the Rest of Us. says:

      BUGS. Argh, they suck. We already have a huge influx of mud-dobbers, which are kindof like wasps, but without the stingers. I know they can’t hurt me but they still freak me the heck out.

      Next time I see a shooting star, I will wish for you to have bug-courage. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Debra Kristi says:

    Love this list. I’m a firm believer in kids using their imagination to fill their days with fun. It’s not our responsibility as their parents to plan out their summer schedule. If we do, they’ll never learn to organize, schedule, or stretch their imagination on their own.
    All your points are excellent, especially number one.

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