NEW GAME: 10 Things About Me, T-Shirt-Style…

I'm Not a Morning Person T-shirt(1) The first thing you really ought to know about me is this: I’m not a morning person. Back when I was a kid I was a morning person. An insufferably happy morning person. But then I had kids, which basically means that I’ve been sleep-deprived for over a decade. Let me put it this way: If the casting director for the zombies on The Walking Dead saw me in the morning, he’d weep with joy over the utter brilliance with which I can stumble around whilst groaning non-sensibly. Lucky for him, I don’t hunger for braaaaainnnns…I have a thirst instead. Which brings me to the #2 thing about me.




aaa535a2843e0a6b3db899e320c1cd90(2) This pretty much describes my perfect day. Because I’m a monster…






ca35235999857624f85c9368215b0392(3) A snuggle monster, that is.







14de3ce1840141143d87e0500d998c67(4) But since most days can’t be coffee-fueled create-your-ass-off-then-crash-into-a-three-hour-nap days, I usually have to tap into my inner bad-ass. The kind that could kick the crap out of a unicorn while rocking pink jeans and Farrah Fawcett hair…




5acbf6126867d5a94eedded36c7ddbca(5) because I’m a proud Kansan, and that’s what Kansans do…






b084c13d95f3debe7f92dc5905871d9f(6) (We also believe aliens abducted all the dinosaurs.) (Not really.)






5ee75d0da0fc848fb613aa461c9bbd94(7) I dig music. A lot. It makes my heart beat happier.







95de9baf32c86a9c0c0ea78c49a9a3f7(8) I’m also a giant Harry Potter fan, and always will be. ALWAYS.







623e73be24b6ef040334c233d596de8f(9) I’m not only a big fan of Harry Potter and {COFFEE and then NAPS}, I’m also a fan of COFFEE + ANY BOOKS + RAIN. In fact, I’m not sure there’s a better combination of anything, ever-ever. Books, books, books, coffee, coffee, coffee, rain, rain, rain!






9c3a4681f865cd7f4de9c55bb8ca0d07(10) I like to party. 🙂








So, to surmise, I’m card-carrying Kansan addicted to coffee who naps way too much (or, at least thinks about napping way too much), believes the dinosaurs are partying with aliens (not really), and uses Harry Potter quotes in normal conversation without embarrassment. How do you stack up? I’m tagging Jess Witkins, Ginger Calem, Jenny Hansen, and Alica McKenna Johnson for this game (all fun bloggers worth checking out), but if you want to play too, consider yourself tagged!

May your Monday be fun and full of comfy t-shirt goodness,





5 thoughts on “NEW GAME: 10 Things About Me, T-Shirt-Style…

  1. saralitchfield says:

    I feel the same way about books & sleep, but… tea over coffee every time (and that’s probably 8 times a day, if I drank coffee I’d be bouncing off the clouds). I hope we can still be friends… (and I thought the dinosaurs were defeated in a war with the wizards, having somehow offended HWMNBN).

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