My almost three year old daughter pronounces the word ‘cooking’ cocaine.

A few mornings ago she asked me, “Mommy, you going to do some cooking today?” Now, re-read that question with her pronunciation in mind.

We’re going to have to work on that before she starts preschool.

TRUE STORY: Pronunciation is important.



4 thoughts on “TRUE STORY

  1. Katrina Foster says:

    Here was ours when the boys were 2. Truck. Replace the “TR” with an “F” sound. Yeah we worked on fixing that….a lot! They went to over-pronouncing it “tttttrrrruck” and getting odd looks but it was better than the alternative.

  2. ianmathie says:

    Hell, let her say it in school and see what happens, Myndi. You could get a load of publicity for your books through the furore she might start, and everybody who knows you knows you ani’t a druggie!

    Go with it gal!

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