Nanobservation #2, #3, #4, and #5

#2: Thirty days goes by fast.

#3: Lots of stuff happens in November. Good stuff. Like new baby nephews entering the world (#squeeeeeeee). And Thanksgiving. And the sacred art of Thanksgiving pie making. These are things that must not be missed.

#4: Starting NaNoWriMo strong is deceptive. (Me, November 3, 2015: 1,900 words a day? I got this! Me, November 30, 2015: 23,404 words to go by the end of the day? [expletive])

#5: The good news is that even though I didn’t hit that magical 50K word count, I do actually have a rough draft of Book 4. The story is being told from three perspectives–Aydan, Rein, and Brig. Aydan’s part of the story has an end (and thus, the series has an end–how huge is that?? Freaking huge!) and now I can add in Rein and Brig. So, even though I didn’t ‘win’ at NaNo this year, I’m super happy with what I’ve got.

All in all I’m counting it as a successful first NaNo attempt. I think I’ll celebrate with a hot bath and a good book–any suggestions? I’m in a reading slump…



7 thoughts on “Nanobservation #2, #3, #4, and #5

  1. Jennifer Jensen (@jenjensen2) says:

    Glad you got so much accomplished, Myndi, even if you didn’t “finish.” I’m too heavily into edits to even try this year! If you’re into historical fiction, I heartily recommend Kristen Hannah’s “The Nightingale” (WWII in France) or “The Winter Garden” (modern, plus WWII Russia & Siege of Leningrad). For some fun books for your kiddos, try “The Knights Before Christmas” and “Little Red Gliding Hood.” Hmm … I think a book review post is in order!

  2. Sara Litchfield says:

    Eee an ending *is* exciting!!! (I would like to know the ending…no, no, I’ll wait…you’re not going to tell me anyway are you…it’s fine. I’d rather wait…I wonder what the ending is…)

    • Fantasy For the Rest of Us. says:

      Ending looks like this: Aydan grows a second head. It’s little, just perched on her shoulder like a bird. It likes to be fed gummy worms, which is unfortunate, because gummy worms aren’t easily available in Archethenia. Tiny head withers with hunger and turns to stone. Every now and then Aydan thinks she can hear it whispering, “Gimme a gummy…” but deep down she knows it’s all in her head.

      All of it.

      It’s very sad.

      The end.


  3. saralitchfield says:

    Eee an ending *is* exciting!!! (I want to know the ending…no, no, I’ll wait…you’re not going to tell me anyway are you…it’s fine I’d rather wait…I wonder what the ending is…)

  4. ianmathie says:

    You seem to be working well, Myndi, and producing lots, but when are we going to see Book 3 of the Srilugh Saga?
    If you need a good read, apart from one of mine, why don’t you try According to Luke, by Rosanne Dingli. That’ll tickle your brain cells and keep you glued to your chair.

    • Fantasy For the Rest of Us. says:

      Poor Book 3 keeps tripping all over itself on this pesky road to publishing. I want to say ‘soon’ because I really do think it will be soon, but I’ve been saying ‘soon’ for so long now that I don’t expect anybody to believe me anymore.

      Thanks for the suggestions! ❤

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