Five Things


(1) HUGE thank you to everybody who helped spread the word about RECKONING. I appreciate each and every one of you. And a big thanks to those who’ve supported my Thunderclap for Shrilugh–our reach has grown a ton, and we’re almost to enough supporters for it to go live tomorrow. (If you haven’t supported it yet, please consider doing so. It’s easy and free and would help me out a ton!! Click here)

(2) My Facebook feed always gets weird around the New Years. Does yours? True-story examples:

  • Which Hot Man Ass Matches Your Zodiac Sign?
  • Mark Zuckerberg is Giving Away a STARKILLER BASE to Facebook Users who Share this Post!
  • Is there a Facebook group for historical fiction/dinosaur erotica writers? 

(3) One of my kids just barged into my office to breathlessly tell me another one of my kids just held down another one of my kids and drew a mustache on him with a Sharpie. #justanotherdayintheShaferhouse #wehavealotofkids

(4) If you’ve happened to have already finished RECKONING, I would love for you to leave an honest review anywhere on the interwebs. The more reviews a book gets, the more visibility those retailers will give the book. And also, I’m pretty sure that an angel gets its wings for every five-star review you leave for RECKONING, so you know…there’s that.

(5) It doesn’t matter how many socks I wear in the winter, my feet are ALWAYS cold. #imisskona

There it is. That’s my five things for today. I’m off to find another pair of socks.



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