From Book 4. In case you’re interested. 🙂

Now alone—Ion had left with Orchos—Brig turned a wide circle, taking in the verdant basin of stone and trees that surrounded him, finally resting his gaze on the giant Tree. In spite of his fear of this place, it was never a question: he would go to the Tree and feel it under his hands. His mind flickered to the tree in the forest—the one that had taken his power and lit up with the joy of it. He wondered if this Tree would do the same thing in the daylight. He wondered if he could make it light up, like he’d done on Torvald’s property. Truth be told, the idea of having enough power to light up a gargantuan like the one he was looking at made his heart pump a little faster.

Never before had he felt bark so rough—ravines of brown and gray deep enough for him to lose his fingers in, like the surface of a desolate moon. The branches above him were thick—as big as tree trunks themselves.

Dropping his cloak on the ground to mark his place, he began to walk, trailing his fingers on the gnarly bark as he went. One, two, three…every step counted until he reached ninety-two, where he stopped. Not because he’d reached his cloak, but because he’d come to a doorway. Not simply an opening in the bark, or even a hollow spot in the tree, but an intentional doorway, arched upward into a peak, adorned with intricate carvings and words Brig couldn’t read.



P.S. This t-shirt pretty much sums up my life (clickity-click-click)



5 thoughts on “UNEDITED LINES

  1. ianmathie says:

    I’m so pleased to read this post. You left us hanging so abruptly at the end of the last book I felt bereft. Just as things were about to happen you left us with a cliff hanger.
    It’s so good to know that more is in the pipeline and I hope your chaotic kids give you the time to write it quickly as there are readers out here wanting to know what happens next in this intriguing saga.

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