TRUE STORY: It’s Good to be the Parent

I grounded my son from his iPad. Just for a few days, and for a minor infraction.

As an extra punishment I changed all his wallpaper to photos of Justin Bieber. Because I am an evil genius.

literally cannot wait for his punishment to end so he can see what I’ve done.

TRUE STORY: It’s good to be the parent.


p.s. Because the Bieb cares about your cavities.


4 thoughts on “TRUE STORY: It’s Good to be the Parent

  1. ianmathie says:

    That is tantamount to child abuse, Myndi! Change all his wallpaper, Okay, but to Justin Bieber? That’s obscene. Do you want the poor boy to grow up with the idea that his mother is deranged? For only a very disturbed person would inflict such cruelty on her own son. Get back in that i-Pad and correct it before he sees what you’ve done and is scarred for life!

    I did laugh though, you naughty girl ! J

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