Rein stopped this time, fairly certain he’d actually heard his name called—that he wasn’t just imagining it.


There it was again. He turned and saw a lone figure running toward him from the direction of the Door. This Doorway had an ancient and dry feel to it—stone pillars seemingly on the verge of collapse, leaning precariously on each other. Rein had dared to touch them, half-expecting them to topple over from the pressure of his hand. But they were solid—much more solid that sight would have given them credit for.

The man shouted again. It can’t be. Rein prayed it wasn’t. But he could see now, as the man approached him, shouting, that it was. His voice was loud enough to raise the gods.

Rein sprinted to him, inwardly willing the man to hush, but to no avail. The shouting continued.

“Rein! Rein!”

•••   •••   •••

I hope your day is fantastic and lovely!


p.s. Hush.


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