SECONDHAND BOOK REVIEW: The Afterlives of Trees

secondhandbookreview.jpgTITLE: The Afterlives of Trees

AUTHOR: Wyatt Townley

WHY I PICKED IT UP: I don’t read a lot of poetry. Truthfully, I don’t have the patience for it (#characterflaw). But if you’ve read my Shrilugh series, you know I have a fondness for trees, so the title caught my eye. Also, this is a local (a Kansas native) author, which piqued my interest. So into my cart it went. Thank you, Goodwill!

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT IT: Some of Ms. Townley’s poems are pure magic. The Oak Desk is one of them. The Elms is another. Centering the House is phenomenal. Really, truly, there are scores beautiful magical words between the pages of this book.

secondhandbookreviewuu.jpgWHAT I DIDN’T LIKE ABOUT IT: Not a thing. This was one of those books that I bought as a bit of a skeptic, and ended up falling in love with. It’s definitely one I’ll read again.


If you’d like to take a peek at THE AFTERLIVES OF TREES for yourself, click here.

As always, loads of love,



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