Every author I know has a playlist of sorts while they’re writing. For me, most of the music I listen to while I put pen to paper has something to do with their characters I’m dealing with at the given moment–what they’re going through, how they are feeling, what their interpretation of the world around them is like.

I’ve spent so much time with the characters from my SHRILUGH series–most of them anyway. A few new characters have popped up here and there, but for the most part it’s been a core group of people journeying with me through Archethenia and Fiomir. They’ve changed over time (haven’t we all?) and so have their songs. I thought you might dig seeing what some of their musical inspiration has been over the years.

I was torn over telling you who each song belongs to (some will be obvious), but I think I’ll let it be a mystery. 🙂 It’s more fun that way. If you’re really dying to know, ask in the comments and I’ll come clean. Shrilugh is set in a sort of analog world, and my musical taste for the story reflects that; most of these are acoustic, rustic choices. I hope you enjoy!

Shrilugh Playlist

Why Should the Fire Die? (Nickel Creek)

Thistle and Weeds (Mumford and Sons)

Wading Deep Waters (Crooked Still)

Helena (Nickel Creek)

Blue Caravan (Vienna Teng)

To the Stars (Takénobu)

Unwritable Girl (Gregory Alan Isakov)

Should Have Known Better (Sufjan Stevens)

Thin Ice (Takénobu)

Nothing, Then (Punch Brothers)

The Longer I Run (Peter Bradley Adams)

Hayloft (Nickel Creek)

Happy listening,



2 thoughts on “SHRILUGH PLAYLIST

  1. ianmathie says:

    I’ve got some listening to do,, I’ve never heard of any of these. Still it will be an interesting exploration, so I won’t cheat and peep at any disclosure – yet. I have tunes in my head that I associate with one or two of your characters, but I’m not sure I can put names to any of them, they’re just tunes with variable harmonics according to the tension of the story at the time.

    I hope book four is progressing well. I’m still eager to read it. 🙂

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