Publishing Haitus

Life is a whirlwind of seasons. For years I’ve been in a season where I could find balance in my work and my life as a mom, but for a while now I’ve been struggling to keep it all together, to juggle everything without dropping something.

It’s not working anymore.

I need to step away from the intensive work of editing and publishing so I can focus more on my family–especially my youngest, who is at my knee right now asking for another cheese stick and would I mind very much pretty please to play Tinker Bell with her when I’m done with my computer?

How can I say no? I can’t.

So here’s what that means: when she’s in school full time I’ll return to a publishing schedule. In the meantime, I’ll keep writing rough drafts and stashing them away. Hopefully I’ll have a nice little cluster of some decent stories to start sending into the world then, beginning with the final installment of the Shrilugh Saga.

You’ll still be able to find me here, and on FB and Twitter and all those places. 🙂

Here’s to savoring the moment,



16 thoughts on “Publishing Haitus

  1. prudencemacleod says:

    I understand and applaud your decision, Myndi. While your children are young you have no other choice. They need you now. All too soon they will be older and you will suddenly find you have the time to write once again.
    I do, however, suggest you keep a book for ideas and cryptic notes. Ten years from now those notes will have no real context for you, but they will stimulate your imagination and drive to write once again.
    You have a beautiful family and they an exceptional mother. Enjoy them while they’re young, they won’t stay that way. Oh, and don’t be a total stranger, the WANAs love you too.

  2. patriciasands says:

    Brava, Myndi! You are making the right choice. Family comes first. As Prudence suggested, keep writing and save it all. There will come a day when it’s absolutely right for you to plunge back in to the demanding indie world. I’m sending a hug and best wishes for happy and peaceful times with your brood. Don’t be a stranger to your blog! We love you!

  3. Ian Mathie says:

    Whilst I’m sad we’ll have to wait for Book 4 of the Saga, I don’t blame you at all, Myndi. You’re so right to focus on your babies because their time as babies is all too brief and you shouldn’t miss a moment. Have fun, both of you, and enjoy the process to the full. We’ll wait and still want to read it when you’re ready to share. Good Luck! 🙂

      • ianmathie says:

        Hugs back, Myndi.

        My youngest grandson ( one at the end of the month) stood up properly for the first time yesterday. His mother hasn’t yet realised how much her life is going to change now he’s done that. She already had an active three year old. I know you can imagine what having two active sprogs can be like but she’s in for a shock!
        Enjoy your little ones while you can. All too soon the’ll be grown and you’ll become a taxi driver.

        Parenthood is great! And never predictable! 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is why The Ruth Valley Missing hasn’t had it’s sequel just yet. I totally get it – and it’s a good decision. Don’t let anyone else make you feel differently. 🙂

  5. marcykennedy says:

    You only have a few years with her at this age, and that time is time you’ll never get back. It’s wonderful that you are smart enough to see that and brave enough to do what you know is right. Hugs 🙂

  6. Thomas Kadlecek says:

    Myndi, Kate is loving her bedtime stories, thank you for that sweet dedication! It’s brought back our sleepy time fun that we’ve enjoyed from the previous two books. Sometimes (often) we don’t get past the same series of pages for days at a time (I look over and I’m like……”Hey….are you asleep? *silence*) and I think to myself….”really, I have to go over this again?” And then I also think….hey, I GET to go over the plot again and try to think of what Myndi will think up next (because it’s gettin’ crazy — in an interesting way!). Love the book, thank you so much! Yes, enjoy time with the little ones. We have our one little one that is now aged two. Love every minute of it, and thank you for your creative ways.

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