Texting Teenager

It’s been quiet around here, my blogging home. I’m knee-deep in my year off from writing, chilling out with my youngest as we enjoy her last year at home before she starts school. It’s good. Hard, at times, to see my writing space and miss my lovely lifestyle of make-believe (although I do get make-believe time of another sort with my mini-me), but God–what a blessing to be able to do this! To take a full year and invest it in this little lovely Took.

It’s good. Raising kids is good. Loving them is good. Laughing with (sometimes at) them is good. Teenagers are even good, contrary to the common opinion. Check out this text exchange I had with my oldest kid a couple days ago:


Kids, right? Mine are the best (yours probably are, too, if you have ’em).

I hope you’re feeling full of love and light this holiday season. Thanks for checking in.

As always, loads of love,



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