Silly Soapbox: Beer-Can Barriers

Sometimes I wonder how many of my so-called ‘problems’ are very much like this:

Seemingly impossible to fix from my perspective.  Laughable from the outside.  “Stupid girl!  Why doesn’t she just knock the cans over and get her squeaky toy?”

Oh, the beer-can barriers of life!  The things we let the world convince us of!  The things we convince ourselves of!   *bangs fist on podium*  Let us take back our right to wide open spaces filled with squeaky-toy goodness!  Let us shrug off the shackles of the empty can and say the words every aluminum product fears: I will recycle you, mutha-trucka!

*takes a moment to regain composure*

What are your beer can barriers?  What kind of funny tricks do you make your pets do for a giggle?  Let’s chat.