ROW80 Check-In 02-29-12


Here’s how my week looked:


Goal: Work on WIP in evening after kids go to bed.

Reality: This seems to be working well, although I haven’t managed it every night of the week.  Some nights I crash almost as soon as they do.  🙂  But, I’m making good progress – the Hubster occupied the kids for a large portion of this weekend, allowing me to get 4-5 hours in – an unheard of chunk of time!  Thanks, T-Man!


Goal: Read and promote other’s blogs 1 hr/day in the morning.

Reality: So far I’ve managed to make this work, although I never am able to get to as many blogs as I’d like.

Goal: Write 4 posts/week to stockpile for baby’s arrival.

Reality: This actually hasn’t been a problem at all.  In fact, it’s eeking into my writing time in the evening.  Who knew nesting urges would bleed into blog writing?

Goal: Schedule blog posts for when baby arrives.

Reality: This is going well! I’m so grateful to you lovely volunteers. Those who have already sent me your posts, thanks! And those whose posts are on the way, I can’t wait to see what you send me!  It really means so much to me that you’re willing to help.  These WANA methods are the bomb!

Goal: Reduce blogging to three times a week.

Reality: Yep.  I did it.  And while it’s definitely easier on me, it’s not been easy to accept.  I’ll be interested to see how my traffic fares in March because of the reduced content.  I keep reminding myself that after Little Miss Took arrives and life smooths out again, I can always go back to posting more often.  Right now, though, I’ll stick to this goal.


Goal: Ignore social media during homeschool time.

Reality:  This worked about 85% of the time.  There were some down times when I was able to do a little blog-reading on my phone, so I guess you could say I cheated a little.  But, committing to a work/school schedule has really smoothed out lots of bumps.  I think we’re falling into a rhythm here that we can easily maintain.


Goal: Put 5 minute test mile theory back into practice.

Reality: Nope.  Didn’t do it.  Not even a little.  This momma is tuckered out from chasing her offspring around while carrying a giant kicking watermelon in her abdomen.

Goal: Allow myself to nest.

Reality:  Giggle, snort.  I don’t think there would be any stopping me at this point.

Goal: Whole foods brekkie and lunches.

Reality:  Easy, peasy.  This one’s been no problem at all.

So, overall, I’m tickled with how the week went.  I can definitely feel myself slowing down, but the end is in sight, pregnancy-wise, and so it feels pretty short term.  Give me a couple months, and I’ll be zipping around like a crazy woman again!

I hope y’all had happy, productive weeks, too.  Lots o’ love,


ROW80 Check-In

Hi happy Row-ers!

I’m keeping it short today.  Last week was up and down – lots of school demands, lots of preggers fatigue.  I think it’s time to re-evaluate what I can realistically get done in the months before and after Little Miss Took is born, and readjust my goals/schedule.

But I’m not going to do that today.  I’ll get it done by Wednesday, and post an update then.  Today, I’m spending time with the family, catching up on blog writing/reading, and working a little on the WIP.

Happy ROW-ing this week!

Big grins,

Napping, Fried Chicken, and Pedicures: Arguing w/ Self

This post is utterly uninspired.

Let me tell you what I’d rather be doing right now:


Eating fried chicken.  The extra-crispy kind from KFC that’s guaranteed to take minutes, if not hours, off your life with every bite.

Getting a pedicure.

Better yet, eating fried chicken while getting a pedicure, followed up by a very lovely nap.

I’ve promised myself that if I can knock out at least one blog post today, I’ll give myself that nap.

“What about the fried chicken?” I argue back with myself.

“No fried chicken,” I firmly reply.  “You’ll eat it and then just feel gross.  You don’t really want it.”

“Yes, I do,” I say obstinately.

“No, you don’t,” I insist.  “Look, do you want a nap or not?”

Pouting.  “Yes.”

“Then you need to write a blog post.”

“If I write a blog post can I get a pedicure AND a nap?”

“Not today.  Today, just a nap.”

“What if I write a REALLY GOOD blog post?”

“Nope.  No pedicure.  Just a nap.”

Crosses arms in front of chest, scowls at the wall.  “Fine.  I’ll write a blog post.  But it’s not going to be good.”

Impatiently.  “Just write the damn post.”

There you have it, folks.  My inner dialogue…with myself.  Or should I call it monologue, since it’s only me, talking(arguing) to(with) me?

And maybe that’s cause for concern, the fact that I can carry on entire arguments with myself…

You know what?  I’m not gonna worry about that right now.  This blog post is finished, and I’m off to score a nap.